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How to Keep Guns Safe at Home; Use High Quality Oil, Store Firearms in Dry Safe & More

With big game seasons done in almost every part of the country, many of us are putting our guns back in the safe for the long haul. Before they get put away for the time being, you need to make sure you are storing them properly so that you don’t end up with issues the next time you pull them out to go shooting. There are a few rules of thumbs that you are best following to make sure your guns are ready to go whenever you are. Shooting Range Industries is here to share some of our best tips for keeping your guns safe at home.

Make Sure Your Safe is Dry & Moisture Stays Out

Nothing will ruin your gun faster than moisture. This is so important that it is wise to look into a dehumidifier that you can put in your safe to suck out all that extra moisture to keep it off your guns. Some of the best dehumidifiers are small and use rechargeable batteries to run. They suck the moisture out of the air using desiccant beads. When these beads turn pink, you know they have become saturated and need to be plugged in so that the heating element can heat them up and dry them out again.

Use High Quality Oil when Lubing Guns

You will want to avoid using a cheap oil on your gun. One way to make sure your gun is protected as well as cleaned and lubricated is to use an all in one cleaner to tackle it all. Some people might not agree with this method, but many people swear by it.

Avoid Touching the Metal on Your Gun to Prevent Rust

Before placing your gun in the safe, you should avoid grabbing the barrel with your hand to put it where it goes. The body oils on your skin are harmful to the gun and can damage it. It is so damaging in fact, that the oils on your skin can leave fingerprint rust spots if that’s how you put it away. Some people keep a pair of gloves in their safe for handling their guns to avoid this problem all together.

Check on Your Guns

If your dehumidifier doesn’t have any way of checking the battery, you may want to consider putting a reminder on your phone to check it from time to time. When that timer goes off, this is a good time to pull out your guns and give them an inspection. If there is something you missed when cleaning and oiling them while putting them away, it is best that you catch it now rather than next year when you pull them out.

Custom Modular Shooting Ranges Made in the USA

One of the best ways to make sure you’re keeping up your shooting skills outside of the hunting season is to practice shooting at the shooting range. You can sharpen your skills and dust those guns off and use them in the off seasons. At Shooting Range Industries, we fabricate customizable, modular shooting ranges. Call us today!

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