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How to Mount a Rifle Scope on a Picatinny Rail Base with Scope Rings, Rubber Eyecup & Eyepiece Installation & More

When you are shooting a handgun you use the sights that are on the gun to help aim your weapon. You can make upgrades to the sight but there is not much you can do for distance. The distance that you get has to be targeted from afar. When you are choosing to use a rifle to shoot with you have more options. One of the great benefits of using a rifle is that you can use it for long distance shooting and targeting. You still need to make sure that you can sight it in and that is best when you have a scope on the rifle. The scope is an extra addition that you will make to your rifle. When choosing the right scope you want to make sure you like what you are getting, then have it installed. The installation of the scope on a rifle can be something you may try to do on your own. Shooting Range Industries outlines some considerations when installing a scope on your rifle.

Choose a Rifle Scope

The first thing that you want to do is to find the scope that works best for you. The scope is something that you can choose from that have a variety of options. You can choose how the scope is mounted and what types of specs come with that specific scope.

Picatinny Rail Scope Mount

Then you want to set up the space that you plan to work and ensure that you have access to tools that are used to work on your weapon. The first thing you need to take care of is the base of the rifle. Most rifles have a picatinny rail already installed. This rail is the part of the rifle that is used to mount your scope. You want to be sure that the base you are using is aligned and secured. You can check the security of the rail so that it is in place when it is needed to be used. If there is any play in the rail you want to be sure that it is tightened down first.

Scope Rings

Now that you have the base secured and you are getting ready to install the scope you start with the rings. Most scopes come with a set of two rings that are installed on the weapon so that you can make minor adjustments to the sight without having to take the entire sight off. The rings need to be placed on the rail with precision. They are what will hold the actual scope so be sure that you have good sturdy rings.

Rubber Eyecup & Eyepiece Scope

Now that the rings are in place you want to install the eyepiece so that it can be used to target with. You need to make sure that you use a level when you install it so that it is level when you start. You can then make minor tweaks to the eye piece when needed.

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