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How to Protect Yourself from Live Fire; What to Look & Listen for in an Active Shooter Situation

There are things in life that we all have to be prepared for. There are always dangers that are going to happen around us and if you are not prepared to protect yourself you can become a victim. One of the things you want to be aware of is what you can do to keep yourself safe. There are things you can train in and do to keep yourself not only out of harms way but also how to be aware of a potential threat. Shooting Range Industries offers tips for what you can do to protect yourself from open fire.

Know What to Look & Listen For

If you are not aware of what is around you then you will not know what to look and listen for. One thing that you should be able to quickly identify is the sound of gun fire. This is something that if you have been shooting can often tell what it is. It is usually a quick and sharp bang rather than long and drawn out sounds. You want to make sure that you look around too. Your eyes and your knowledge of what is out of place is your best friend. This does mean that you need to get off of your phone and get your head up. This is an overall safety measure that all people should when out in public. You can start to recognize is a person or action is not the norm for the area that you are in. If you see anything that is not right you should get to safety and call the local authorities to alert them of your concern. It is always best to see something, say something.

What to do if there is a Shooting

The odds that you are going to be involved in an active shooter situation is not very common. It is at this point not a very common risk to the general public but being prepared is always best. You want to make sure that you find cover and that you conceal yourself. These two things are both necessary if you want to be safe from open gun fire. Concealment is just that you are finding a place that is hidden and out of view. Cover is the part that is actually going to prevent fire from getting to you. If you are only concealed you are still at risk of being hit by a round. Cover is very important and should be thought about when you look for a place to stay safe.

Be Alert & Aware in Gunfire

If there is an active shooter the scene can and will often continue to change. You need to be ready to have to move to a new location or remove yourself from the scene the coast is clear. You want to always stay put unless you are sure that the shooter is no longer a threat. If the fire is not in one spot be ready to adjust so that you continue to have cover and concealment where possible.

Custom Shooting Ranges

Shooting Range Industries can install a custom range that can help you to gain confidence in protecting yourself. Call us today!