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How to Reduce Lead Exposure at the Gun Range; Lead-Free Ammo, Protective Gear & More

Over exposure to lead can cause serious problems for people. Spending time on a shooting range can put you into contact with lead. Reputable shooting ranges will do their part to protect their members and staff with ventilation, bullet traps, and other safety features in an effort to reduce exposure. Generally, lead can be found in most types of ammunition, including in the primer and bullet. You can inhale and ingest lead vapors in various quantities through your nose and mouth every time a round is fired and vaporized lead is introduced into the air. With this in mind, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to touch on lead exposure and remind avid shooters about taking precautions to avoid lead poisoning.

Neurological Effects of Lead Toxicity

– Encephalopathy
– Loss of Hearing
– Peripheral Neuropathy
– Fatigue and Irritability
– Impaired Concentration
– Seizures

Gastrointestinal Effects of Lead Poisoning

– Colic
– Lead Line on Gingival Tissue
– Nausea
– Constipation
– Dyspepsia

Effects of Lead on Embryonic Development & Other Reproductive Effects

– Abnormal Sperm
– Reduced Sperm Count & Motility
– Miscarriages/Stillbirths

Other Effects of Lead Exposure

– Heme Synthesis (Anemia and Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin Elevation)
– Renal Effects (Chronic Nephropathy with Proximal Tubular Damage and Hypertension)
– Wrist / Foot Drop
– Arthralgia
– Myalgia

How to Reduce Lead Exposure at the Shooting Range

To avoid or significantly reduce the lead exposure, consider switching to lead-free ammunition. Also do not drink, eat, or smoke when you are on the range or engaged in shooting activities. Wear the proper protective attire and protective gear while on the range. After you finish shooting, duck into the rest room and thoroughly wash your hands and once you get home, take a shower and toss the clothing in the washing machine. When you drink, eat, or smoke on the range, your mouth is open and you will be more vulnerable to the vaporized lead in the air, as well as the lead residues settling on our food and drinks. While on the range, keep in mind that the lead residues will accumulate on any surface. Most shooting ranges do what they can to remove the toxic lead from the air by using state-of-the-art ventilation systems. When looking for a shooting range, be sure to take your time and look for one with proper ventilation. Lead can be expelled from the body, but if it makes it to the soft tissue or organs over time, the lead builds up, causing serious health problems. If you spend time on the range, be sure to get frequent checkups with your doctor and let them know your concerns so they can test the levels of lead with a simple blood test. The doctor will let you know if there is a concern and how to get it under control. Just be sure to do what you take the proper safety precautions while you spend time on the shooting!

Custom Shooting Ranges with Ventilation, Bullet Traps & Safety Features

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