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How to Reduce Recoil on a Handgun; Proper Gun Grip, Bent Elbow Shooting & More

Many beginners, but even intermediate shooters can face challenges when they shoot pistols on the range with recoil. Where some often make adjustments and better control the recoil, others can still have trouble. No matter if you are a CCW holder, competitor, cop, soldier, or simply enjoy recreational shooting, controlling recoil is essential. Below, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to share some tips on how to control the pistol recoil.

Proper Gun Grip

Having a solid grip to keep the muzzle down is the first step in controlling handgun recoil. Place your hand as high up on the handgun as possible and grip the gun firmly, but not too tight that the sights begin to shake. For recoil control, the grip is critical. The shooters have improved accuracy and can quickly transition between targets in addition to reducing the recoil a firm, solid grip.

Bent Elbow Shooting

Never fully lock and extend the elbows. The energy is sent back through your arms and you aren’t able to absorb recoil very well. Instead, leave your elbows slightly bent to allow better shock absorption in your arms to reduce the recoil.

Sight Reset

Don’t pull the trigger fast just for the sake of pulling the trigger fast when shooting quickly. Inaccurate shots are a wasted effort. In many situations, you are accountable for every round fired, included missed shots. Keep a consistent rhythm with how quickly you can see your sights again when shooting rapidly. Wait long enough for the sights to reset, re-acquire your sights, and then again, pull the trigger. Shooting at the correct cadence for the distance and size of a target is required for proper recoil control.

Consistency with Natural Point of Aim

Practice established through having a consistent sight reset all the way through recoil. Live fire is best way to develop a good natural point of aim, however, dry firing can help strengthen consistent natural point of aim. Aim at the center of a target while starting with a holstered handgun and draw from the holster. Repeat this more and more, eventually you will be able to close your eyes draw from the holster, and when you open your eyes your sights will be lined up on target from the muscle memory. To help with fast follow up shots, a quality, consistent natural point of aim will contribute to developing a fast and natural sight reset. Soon, instincts will help you control the handgun recoil and timing shots with enough practice.

Practice Shooting at Varied Distances

Timing plays a major role in effective handgun recoil control. Practicing your firing skills at the various distances only improves the recoil control and the aiming.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Law Enforcement, Military & Civilian Firearm Practice & Training

Handgun recoil control among other attributes, includes conscientious practice with deliberate steps. You will never become faster or more accurate by absentmindedly pulling the trigger quickly every day at the firing range. This actually produces the worst shooters as they develop poor shooting habits. Focusing on good technique and deliberate practice, helps identify issues and improve your shooting ability. Execute drills, and specific skillsets as you continue to practice. Your recoil control will continue to improve. Shooting Range Industries designs and builds custom shooting ranges for a convenient and safe place to practice and train with your firearms.
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