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How to Report a Lost or Stolen Gun; Provide Serial Number to Local Law Enforcement & ATF

Shooting Range Industries supports and promotes responsible and qualified gun owners. However, what happens when your firearm ends up in the wrong hands? Gun theft is quite common and if your home or vehicle gets broken into, your firearm could be stolen and used in a crime or sold on the black market. If your firearm goes missing or is confirmed stolen it is essential to report the theft immediately. Shooting Range Industries will walk you through the proper steps of reporting a missing or stolen firearm.

Report a Stolen Gun Within 48 Hours

Upon discovering the stolen or missing firearm make sure to report the theft within 48 hours. Why? If your firearm was stolen and shortly used in a crime and recovered, law enforcement will come knocking on your door and not to return your firearm. If you don’t report it stolen they can link you to the crime. To ensure your innocence report it missing or stolen as quickly as possible.

Lost Gun? What to Do Next

First contact local law enforcement and provide a report of the firearm that has gone missing or stolen, if you know it was stolen. This helps you in a few ways, one it can help recover your firearm if found. Two, if the firearm is used in a crime you are not a suspected or linked to the crime as you are just another victim. When reporting the theft, the operator will ask for the firearm’s make, model and serial number. For handguns, all pistols are issued a blue card that contains the firearm’s serial number on it if you don’t have any other record. It’s a great idea to keep these cards in a safe place or make a spreadsheet listing the details of all your firearms.

After Local Law Enforcement, Contact ATF to Report Stolen Gun

Next, after contacting your law enforcement agency, you will then want to contact the ATF (The U.S. Department of Just Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearm and Explosive). Often after your call to your local law enforcement they will ask you to contact ATF and file a report as well. If they don’t, do your due diligence and protect yourself properly by contacting ATF and file the report of the theft. They will either fax or email you a document to fill out and when completed, drop it off to a local AFT office, mail, or fax it back to them. Make sure to make a copy and keep one for yourself in the event it doesn’t get filed right away. That way you can provide a copy to law enforcement.

Gun Serial Number Check

AFT can help obtain serial numbers to the stolen firearms of law enforcement and military. However, not to citizens. This is because military and law enforcement firearm serial number are kept in a national registration data base. If you are a citizen and cannot provide a serial number you will need to find that information on your own. You can contact the dealer where you bought your firearm if necessary. They should have kept the sale on their records as well as the firearms serial number. If the firearm dealer is no longer in business, you can contact your local law enforcement agency. They may be able to request that the National Tracing Center do a Record Search and see if they can provide your firearms serial number.

Custom Shooting Range Design & Fabrication

Make sure you keep your firearms stored and locked up in a safe to help prevent theft of your firearms. Nonetheless, theft happens and thieves often find a way to get your guns. If they do, make sure to report the theft. Shooting Range Industries hopes we were able to help you report your missing firearms. Shooting Range Industries are proud designers and manufacturers of Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian use gun ranges. Call us today to design yours!

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