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How to Survive a Home Invasion With a Family Emergency Preparedness Plan & Checklist for First & Second Line of Defense

Most people think that a disaster is not going to happen to them and especially not in their home. When you are attacked in your home by an intruder it can be a devastating event. If you have a fire or flood you don’t want to be screaming and running aimlessly. If you are the victim of a natural disaster you need to know what to do and where to go. Many families have decided that they need to have a plan of action in case of an emergency. This is a great way to not only stay safe when confronted with an emergency but you can rest easy knowing that you have a way to keep your family safe. The largest area or concern for America’s families is the threat of a home invasion. Do you know what you need to do? Does your family have a plan that you can put into action without talking about it? These plans have known to save lives and protect families!

Shooting Range Industries lists what makes an emergency plan so important and what you can do to prepare your family.

Assign Each Person A Task: When you are ready to take on a plan for an emergency you want to use each member of the house to cover all areas. One person can be the main protector that will retrieve a weapon and use it as a defense. Another member should be responsible for calling the local authorities and giving descriptions and information so that a law enforcement officer can come and assist. Other members can be responsible for locking doors, being the second line of defense and rounding up younger family members into the designated hiding spot. The ability level of each member should be considered when handing these assignments out. One way to get your defenses better is to target practice at a range. You want to be confident with your firearm and have accurate aim to ensure that you are protected.
Where to Go During a Home Invasion: As soon as you are in a situation that has you and your family in danger you want to have a location that each person knows about and can get to quickly. This should be an area that is safe and should have only one way in. That will eliminate having to look at multiple areas for the second line of defense. This area can be a bathroom or a closet that has room to fit all family members. If an intruder gets past the first line of defense you want to be prepared in your hiding spot with backup.
Practice Your Family Emergency Plan: When you have a plan of action ready for an emergency you want to make sure that you go over it and run drills with your family regularly. You want it to be clear in each person’s mind so they are not panicking in the moment. Also take the family to the shooting range to ensure that each family member has ability with a firearm and is not afraid of the sound or the handling weapons. The more you practice, the easier and more comfortable you will become.

Shooting Range Industries encourages all families to prepare their homes for an emergency.

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