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Ideas for Creative DIY Homemade Shooting Targets; Tin Can Plinking, Paper Range Tac Tac Toe, Reactive Fruit, Balloons & More!

Are you getting bored with the same clay or paper targets? Do you want to make your range practice experience a little bit more fun and in some ways more challenging? Shooting Range Industries has a few ideas to make your next range day a little bit more exciting and fun. Always keep safety in mind when you’re using a firearm. Avoid flammable materials or other things that can cause harm or injury. And avoid using materials that also could be harmful to the environment.

Tin Can Plinking Shooting Targets

For smaller rounds like a 22. Caliber either for pistols or rifles, using traditional tin cans never fails. The sound of the tin being struck and the occasional flipping in the air never fails to make one feel gratified. However lining them up in a row can also be fun. This will make a more challenging game for yourself and others around you. You can make a pyramid or tower, knocking one of them down at a time. This will help work on improving your aim and make it fun at the same time.

Tic Tac Toe Paper Range Shooting Target

Here’s a great game for shooting practice when you have more than one person. Have you ever played tic-tac-toe? You can use a plain sheet of paper to make a tic-tac-toe board. Size can vary on the skill of the shooter. This is another great way to create a different game, yet make you take seriously your target practice. Keep in mind safety when you’re designing your board. Don’t use anything too solid for the backing, or framing.

Homemade Balloon Shooting Target

You want to practice shooting a moving target but do it without great cost? You can use balloons. Especially on a breezy day balloons can make your target practice more of a challenge while they flutter from side to side. You even can use a marker to draw targets on them for more of a precision practice. Balloons make a cheap easy moving target that can make your next range day exciting.

Best Reactive Shooting Targets; Fruit!

Fruit makes an interesting target, especially with the different calibers used and the effects they have. Depending on the fruit or vegetable used, the lighter caliber firearms can make faces or other pictures when you shoot. Some of the larger calibers can crack, smash, or explode differently. Making a recording can be interesting as well as fun.

Bullet Entry & Exit Patterns in Bags or Bottles

Want to study bullet entry patterns? Bag or bottles filled with sand, flour or glitter makes for a great study or an interesting show. However, keep in mind the clean up. Using biodegradable materials are recommended for this study of penetrating forces. This is a great way to learn hands on what each type of bullet does, from hollow point to full jacketed and everything in between. They are used differently and for different reasons. If you want to see what each one does and why, here is a great visual way to learn.

Portable Modular Shooting Range Design, Equipment & Accessories; Firearm Stalls, Bullet Traps, Target Retrieval Systems, Ceiling Guards & More

Shooting practice doesn’t have to be the same boring paper or clay targets all of the time. Get creative with it. As long as you can still improve your shooting techniques with safety to you and the environment, do it with fun. We here at Shooting Range Industries wants to encourage everyone to practice and improve their shooting ability. Have fun and be safe at your next range day! And contact us for more information on our custom shooting ranges!

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