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Importance of Hearing Protection when Shooting Guns to Reduce Firearm Decibel Level

As a part of firearm safety, having hearing protection should be among the priorities. Especially for those who regularly use firearms, people are at risk for experiencing hearing loss when shooting or even being present while others are shooting their firearms. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to elaborate on the importance of hearing protection while spending time shooting guns.

Firearms Noise Decibel Level

The level or intensity of a sound is measured by decibels. Generally, the sound is twice as loud for every three decibels. Not all guns produce the same range of sound. For example, a noise level of approximately 145 decibels is produced by a .22 caliber rifle whereas the level of about 170 decibels is raised by the production of a firing .44 revolver. Typically, the firearms range from 145 to 170 decibels.

Need for Ear Protection for Shooting

Not only causing ears to experience pain and ringing, the sounds at 140 decibels or louder can result in permanent hearing loss and damage. A littler perspective; a whisper is about 20 decibels; busy traffic streets produce about 80 decibels and a launching rocket produces approximately 180 decibels. However, hearing loss can be expected with prolonged exposure to any sound much more than 85 decibels. When using firearms, you can see why it is crucial and in your better interest to use hearing protection whenever possible. If you experience any ringing in your ears while shooting, experts recommend that you immediately stop shooting and find a quieter area, as the ringing indicates that the damage is already occurring.

Types of Hearing Protection

When it comes to hearing protection, there are primarily two different types, which are earmuffs or earplugs. Ultimately, the earplugs are typically better to reduce sound when compared to earmuffs. However, they both reduce between 15 to 32 decibels of noise. In the United States to evaluate hearing protection, there is a noise reduction rating (NRR) and when worn appropriately, the NRR rating is the number of decibels sound will be reduced.
The overall level of protection with an increased NRR rating can be produced by wearing a combination of protection, like both plugs and muffs. In order to prevent hearing damage in some shooting environments, they may be required.

Hearing Protection While Hunting

Many people hesitate wearing ear protection while hunting though wear them readily when spending time on the shooting range. A common argument is that their ability to hear approaching game and other noises in the environment is hindered. While still protecting them from louder sounds that may damage hearing, there are types of hearing protection on the market that allow hunters to hear softer noises. Such hearing protection devices that have been developed for hunters are nonlinear and electronic earmuffs.

Custom Shooting Ranges Designed & Built in the USA

Wearing some sort of hearing protection device is crucial when using firearms considering it is very easy to damage and permanently lose your hearing. Those using firearms should be able to find a type and style that best fits his or her specific needs with the excessive variety of protection there is to choose from. Shooting Range Industries designs and builds custom shooting ranges for your firearm practice and training. Contact us to learn more today!

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