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Indoor Shooting Range Safety; Enclosed Firing Lanes, Bullet Traps, Baffles, Ventilation Systems & More

There are several ways you can go shooting. You can go out to a designated area that is within the rules of your local laws. You can go to an outdoor range that is set up and operated by a facility and range master. You can also go to an indoor shooting range. There are some people that are not sure that shooting indoors is safe and would be any fun at all. The great thing is that an indoor range offers a wide variety of benefits. One is that it is usable throughout the entire year because it is temperature controlled and out of the weather. You can continue to practice no matter if it is too hot, cold, windy or even raining outside. The other benefit is that indoor ranges are manufactured to be very safe for all the people that are in the range and using it. The safety measures that are put in place are to ensure that all people have a good experience. Shooting Range Industries outlines what safety measures are implemented to make an indoor shooting range safe.

Enclosed Firing Lanes in Modular Indoor Shooting Ranges

When you go to a traditional outdoor range you are given a lane that you will utilize. This can be outfitted with a table so that you can load your ammo and lay out your weapons. When you go to an indoor range you get the same thing. The difference is that the indoor range has been designed with a safer outlook. The lane is standing within two panels that separate you from the other shooters that might be in the range. The panels are there to protect you from projectiles but also from distraction that you might have from what else is going on. An instructor is able to stand at your shoulder and ensure that you are using the weapon in a safe manner.

Indoor Shooting Range Bullet Traps

Another common question that people have is where does the bullet go? Isn’t it going to go right through the back the range and out to the public. The answer is no it will not. If you have a properly outfitted indoor range it is designed with a bullet trap. There are different types of bullet traps and each builder has the one that they like to use but they all have the same job. The trap will collect the bullets that are being shot and prevent them from going any further or ricocheting off the sides of the range. This is an essential part to the unit and has to be engineered to do its job.

Indoor Shooting Range Baffles & Protected Walls, Ceilings & Floors

It is intended that a gun will only be shot down range and that the bullet trap will collect the bullet but there is always human error. The human error aspect means that the range has to be constructed with this in mind and that is why the walls and the roof need to be reinforced so that bullet would not be able to exit the chamber even if it is not shot down range.

Ventilation System in an Indoor Shooting Range

Well designed and operating ventilation systems in indoor shooting ranges remove contaminants such as lead and carbon monoxide created during the firing of a weapon so they are not breathed in by those occupying the range. Ventilation systems also remove smoke from the range so that visibility is high and targets can be clearly seen.

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