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How Indoor Shooting Ranges Stop Bullets; Bullet Trap Ballistic Containment Systems for Lead Collection & Disposal

Have you ever been to an indoor fire range and wonder where the bullet goes or how they stop? Many people wonder about this question and some fear that the bullets will bounce back at them. However, indoor gun ranges are designed with a bullet trap system which stops the bullet and prevents ricochets. Some people have a hard time trusting in bullet traps and that is because they don’t always fully understand them. Shooting Range Industries would like to shine the spotlight on indoor bullet traps and how they work to ensure safety on the people on the range.

What are Bullet Traps?

Bullet traps, as the name may suggest, is a system that is designed to trap bullets. Bullet traps are designed to stop a bullet after it has been fired. These traps also prevent bullets from ricocheting back at the shooters. Bullet traps must be designed properly to ensure safety. However, when visiting an indoor range make sure you follow the caliber requirement as each bullet trap is designed for certain calibers. If too powerful of a round is used indoors, it can be a safety hazard. Bullet traps are there to help ensure safety.

Bullet Trap Types

When designing a shooting range a number of different elements are considered. Using the right bullet traps for the range size and design is one of the most important elements. There are different bullet trap systems used which will help to ensure the safety at the range. Following are some of the common types of bullet traps used at indoor ranges:

Vertically Designed Bullet Traps

These traps are known for their advantages of slowing down bullets. This system is used more often as it can trap bullets of most caliber sizes. They are considered one of the more safer system to use and are found in many modern indoor gun ranges.

Free Standing Bullet Traps

Free standing bullet traps, or also known as modular bullet traps, is mostly used in outdoor ranges, and are not seen too much indoors. They do not require even structures to support them, they only need a flat concrete floor. However, free standing bullet traps have a caliber and range limit.

Steel Bullet Traps

Steel bullet traps are used for heavy volume use. Steel bullet traps are intended for most handgun calibers and rifles up to 7.62. These bullet traps do collect bullets effectively which make lead management easier.

Ballistic Rubber Block Bullet Traps

One of the cheaper methods for ranges is to use ballistic rubber block bullet traps. This flexible material is often used in laboratories as they are self-healing and can be used at short ranges. Some indoor ranges will use ballistic rubber. However, it is not to common.

Custom Shooting Ranges with Commercial / Military Grade Bullet Traps

Having the right bullet trap is essential to the range design. Bullet traps are important to stop the bullets and make collecting of the lead rounds quick and effective to ensure the safety of the members of the indoor range. Shooting Range Industries offers a variety of bullet traps to best fit your shooting range needs depending on your specific custom shooting range design. All of our bullet traps are designed and manufactured onsite by our skilled professionals to consistently, reliably, and safely receive all caliber bullets under all live fire training conditions. In addition, our bullet traps safely collect and store all bullets fired down range without causing environmental damage. For quality range design contact Shooting Range Industries today.

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