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Indulgent Shooter Gift Guide; Number One is The Ultimate Custom Shooting Range!

The holiday season is here and if you haven’t already started thinking about Christmas gifts for your friends and loved ones yet; you should be! It’s true, we all have a set budget but what if we didn’t? What would you buy your nearest and dearest if money was no object?
Guns & Ammo followed that train of thought recently and published their seven top gift picks that would make any indulgent shooter more than merry!

The Ultimate Custom Shooting Range

Number one on the list is The Ultimate Shooting Range; custom designed and built by none other than Shooting Range Industries! Just imagine how convenient and awesome it would be. No more waiting in line down at the local gun range. No more hot brass raining down on you from the next shooting stall when you’re trying to shoot. No more worrying about safety or other shooters. Our modular shooting range systems allow you to shoot in air conditioned or heating comfort with high air quality levels too. Our HVAC Air filtration systems meet or exceed all OHSA, NIOSH and EPA safety standards. In fact, our ranges are safe and built to the highest standards all around. But that’s just one reason why so many law enforcement agencies and military units use them. Our custom shooting ranges also come complete with shooting stalls, target retrieval systems, bullet traps, ceiling guards, lighting and high-tech ventilation systems. Our shooting ranges are fully customizable to your exact needs and come in various lengths from 40 to 500 feet. They can be delivered in 90 to 180 days, depending on what you order, and they can be assembled onsite in no time so what are you waiting for? Call us to discuss the best options for your needs and place your order today!

Fantasy Shooting Gifts

Other fantasy gifts that Guns & Ammo spotlighted include everything from luxury rigs to camp out in, the world’s most expensive shotgun, a double-barrel 1911, a lifetime supply of .45 ammo, your very own MRAP (mine resistant ambush protected) off-road vehicle and a weekend hunt shooting mini guns from helicopters!

Custom Modular Shooting Range Stalls

Even though the lineup was compiled as a fantasy gift list where you didn’t have a budget and could spend an unlimited amount of money, The Ultimate Shooting Range by Shooting Range Industries is actually the cheapest gift idea on the list. The base price is around $132,000 so it may not actually be that out of reach! Shooting Range Industries wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and great holiday season!

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