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Job Duties; What Does a Shooting Range Safety Officer Do? What Testing & Certification is Required?

Most people have a job that they go to each day and then enjoy their hobbies when they have free time. That means the amount of time that you have to enjoy your hobbies is drastically lessened. If you want to have more time being around the thing you love most, it is best to get a job in the industry. If you are one of the many people that love everything about shooting, handguns, firearms and more; you can get a job in the industry. A great place to start is to go to the range and look into a job as a Range Safety Officer. This will allow you time to learn more about what you love as well as earn money at a job that you want. Now you need to know more about that particular job and what it takes to get into the industry.

Shooting Range Industries Outlines What it Takes to Become An RSO or Range Safety Officer

What is a Shooting Range: A range is known well to any gun enthusiast and gun owners that go out for target practice. A range is a facility that has been set up to allow shooters of firearms such as handguns, rifles, shotguns and more to fire off their weapon in a safe and controlled environment. The facility will have a set of rules and regulations that each participant is required to follow when using the facility. The range is ran by a company or owner and will be overseen by a person that will ensure that all the safety precautions are followed. That person is called the Range Safety Officer.
Job Duties; What Does a Range Safety Officer Do: The range safety officer is a person that has to have vast knowledge when it comes to the rules of the range they are working as well as many types of weapons. They need to be able to use, handle and deal with any possible malfunctions while on staff. The officer is responsible for the range in full which will include checking the facility for any repairs that may be necessary. They also need to be ready to talk to and teach others about the rules and what they need to do to follow these rules. The rules are there as a safety precaution so that each shooter can enjoy themselves without having to worry too much. They also need to be trained in what to do if there was any kind of emergency to safely shut down the range and get everyone to a secure location.
Range Safety Officer Test & Certifications: If you want to become a good and reliable RSO you can take a course that is offered by the NRA. The instructions that you are given at the course will give you what is need to help a shooter that has a malfunction. It will also let you know what to do if there is an emergency. This instruction will be what is needed to get you a job on a range as a Range Safety Officer.

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