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Keeping Your Weapon Stored Safely When Not In Use Practicing & Training at the Shooting Range

Whether you are an experienced shooter, or just starting out, we are sure that all would agree that gun safety is crucial. Safety is practiced on the gun range, and is equally important when storing guns safely when not in use. There should be zero reports of gun shooting accidents, especially when involving children.

Shooting Range Industries would like to offer some safety tips when your guns are not being used. Both for the experienced gun owner and some important safety advice for the beginner shooter.

1. Gun safes and lock boxes. Utilizing either a gun safe or a gun lock box is optimal. A well secured lock box, or money safe will do, and a locked desk drawer or cabinet would work if that’s all you have available. The common factor here is to keep it locked and concealed. Ensuring your firearms are secure is the safest way to store them. Keeping weapons away from unauthorized users such as little children’s fingers, intruders, or anyone else not prepared to handle a weapon is strongly encouraged. No matter your choice of concealment, it is best to keep your weapon out of sight and locked tight at all times.
2. Keep your firearms locked. Obtain either a trigger lock or a cable lock to secure your weapons. These are the two most popular gun lock mechanisms and are easily purchased. The trigger lock is self explanatory; a locking mechanism is fastened through the trigger, hindering the trigger from being completely pulled. The cable lock is fed through the action of your weapon, precluding the gun from functioning. Like everything in life, nothing is a guarantee. Do not depend solely on the firearm lock as they could malfunction. Unlikely, but still possible. These security measures only stop the weapon from being loaded, or fired; they can’t prevent theft. Keep gun locks in place, and firearms safely stowed and locked securely in a camouflaged, or completely concealed storage unit.
3. Store firearms unloaded. It is an excellent and highly recommended habit to keep your guns stored unloaded. This will only keep others safe and hinder accidents. It is also best to store ammunition in a different, locked, concealed location.
4. Educate others about gun safety. Children and a lot of adults, are often curious about guns. By educating everyone you know, especially children, about gun safety can help prevent injury and even fatalities. Teach gun safety, instruct the mature on gun handling, and always stress the dangers of handling a weapon. Children particularly need constant reminders and directions.

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We hope this has been insightful and we at Shooting Range Industries would like to encourage all who have interest in shooting to take part and have fun, but always practice safety measures and protocol. There is no such thing as “too safe” when it comes to handling firearms.

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