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Las Vegas, NV Battlefield Gunfights! New Shootout Sport Mixes Shooting Real Guns with MMA Fighting

Whoever thought there would be a place that would mix shooting real guns with mixed martial arts in one place? This is every gun and fight loving person’s dream come true. Now on the Las Vegas Strip you can have a showdown with real guns and fighting to the bitter end. Shooting Range Industries is here to talk about how awesome these two things combined can be.

Las Vegas Gunfights Offers Real Guns and Live Targets Together

If you are looking for an afternoon or evening filled with violence, Las Vegas Gunfights has the perfect place for you to spend your time! You may be picturing some fake guns filled with paintballs or plastic pellets, but you would be wrong. Those that come to participate are using real guns that have ammo that is as close to real as it gets. These are guns that have had some safety modifications that makes this experience entirely safe. This is your chance to try and shoot your friends without actually hurting them. Well that is, if you don’t shoot their bare skin with one of these bullets. When that happens, you are bound to leave a pretty gnarly welt for several days after. The bullets are color coded to keep the teams straight with blue or red tips that leave a spray of color wherever they hit.

The Game Doesn’t End When the Ammo Runs Out

You and your adversary will go head to head in a shoot-out until the ammo runs out. This doesn’t mean the fight is over, not by a long shot. At this time, you will then fight to the bitter end with the use of mixed martial arts to see who will be the last one standing. These shoot outs always have onlookers on their feet, because you never really know when a fight is going to break out and it’s going to start getting physical. The fights are timed, so after a certain period of time the fight is over no matter what.

The Goal is to Become a Well-Rounded Force to Contend With

The biggest draw for people to participate in this crazy new sport is the chance to see if they qualify as a complete well-rounded fighter. Without the ability to fight with guns and fists together, you can’t consider yourself the real deal. This is a great opportunity to work on areas that you feel you could use improvement. Players will go through a short training period before they get in the cage.

Custom Shooting Ranges, Equipment & Accessories Designed & Built in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are looking for somewhere that combines firearms training with real gunfight experience, Las Vegas Gunfights offers you just that. This is an exciting attraction for Las Vegas locals and tourists area. If you are looking for customized shooting ranges, Shooting Range Industries designs and fabricates modular shooting ranges that can be customized to your shooting needs. Call us today.

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