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Law Enforcement Firing Drills to Improve Accuracy; Trigger Control, Sight Picture Alignment & More

Generally, firearms, mostly pistols, are carried for law enforcement professionals. Handguns are probably the hardest to master when it comes to firearm arsenals. With varying trigger pressures, short sight radius, and smaller engineering driving these challenges, law enforcement requires a lot of practice with their weapon. In order to help you master your accuracy and overall efficiency with your handgun, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to remind our valued law enforcement experts of a few drills today.

Trigger Control Drills

In tandem with accuracy, trigger control is often heard, unfortunately, it is frequently neglected in practice. Human manipulation often is the cause for error as handguns are usually fairly accurate. Remember to practice trigger control.
Brass on Front Sight Drill: This drill is better done with a partner but can be done on your own. Place a spent brass shell on the front sight of your weapon, with the chamber and magazine empty. Execute your trigger pull with smooth and steady control. During this drill, the brass should remain perfectly balanced throughout the exercise. Your accuracy is being disrupted if the brass falls off and will let you know that your jerking the trigger. With a clean break at the tail end, pulling the trigger smoothly will keep the brass steady.

Shooting Follow Through

The interference with accuracy is caused when the muzzle dips down during the follow through when the guilty are flinching or anticipating the next shot.
Ball and Dummy Drill: With the help of a partner, turn your back while they either set your gun without a ready round or one ready to go. Shoot your target when you turn your back and take your weapon. Your partner needs to watch the muzzle to look for any dipping, which indicates you were anticipating the shot. Keep practicing with your partner loading or emptying the gun to help you better relax and not anticipate the shot.

Sight Picture Alignment

On a basic level, the shooter will look to align the sights on target while the main focus is on the front sight; though there are debates and theories on more advanced levels. The rear sights will be slightly blurry along will the target when the focus is on the front sight.
Bench Shooting Drill: An excellent confidence booster, this drill also helps develop proper sight, picture, and alignment. While sitting on the bench, rest your arms on the shooting bag. Create a perfect and solid sight, picture, and alignment as you take your time. Fire your shots with your intent on

Master Class Accuracy

To improve accuracy, apply all of these shooting aspects together for your primary goal.
Shrinking Targets Drill: Create a target with four circles on it, each a little smaller than the previous circle. Fire 5 rounds into each circle from your weapon at about 6 yards away. The goal is to have all 5 rounds in one circle, once competed, move to the next smaller circle and repeat until all 5 shorts are in all the circled targets.

Custom Shooting Ranges

You can have your own private, custom shooting range such as our Private Garage Ready Range® Edison Edition with Shooting Range Industries offering an assortment of options for the avid shooter to practice at your convenience. Call us for more details!

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