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Law Enforcement Live Fire Training Solutions On the Shooting Range; Drills, Moving Targets, Realistic Simulators & Qualifications

Law enforcement has been under a lot of scrutiny and hatred of late. The media has targeted them by amplifying mistakes and pegging them as the bad guy. With much of the general public across the United States being influenced by this media portrayal, training of law enforcement in lethal situations has become more critical more than ever.

Shooting Range Industries lists some crucial elements to better prepare your officers for firearm use out in the field.

1. Lethal and spontaneous attack preparation. In most lethal situations, officers rely on the use of their firearms. Being in close quarters is no exception to the need of applying techniques to protect themselves. Being in personal contact with people of unknown intent is all part of the job. Within that daily routine, law enforcement officers have to be in close proximity to conduct communication. It’s after the interaction has transpired that some individuals turn out to be bad guys. When that occurs, you want your officers to be superior in their close quarter draws, firing on target and weapon retention. To enhance these skills, utilizing a live firing range in conjunction with sturdy cardboard cutout targets to withstand muzzle shots, hand strikes, and weapon firing. Even better is utilizing a live fire simulation program with unpredictable moving targets and scenarios. For spontaneous drill practice, high-speed rotating systems are also very effective.
2. Multiple threats. Statistically speaking, over 60% of assaults involve multiple attackers. Having the ability to discern innocent bystanders is a must for all law enforcement. On top of that, what was once thought of as innocent bystander may quickly join the opposing force, and the officer is now in more peril. For example, in domestic dispute calls, it can quickly escalate into a fight, and the abused will then try to protect the defendant. Having open awareness through the entire event is prudent. On the range, random targets are placed in a variety of sizes scattered randomly throughout the range. Rotating targets, and targets that spring up is a good practice to do on the range often. Again, even better is an indoor range with realistic simulator scenarios where officers can experience live fire training that is sure to keep them on their toes.
3. Short distance shooting. There are fatalities among officers, where short distance targets were missed. Increasing the targets at all manner of distances on the range, can better prepare the officer for more variables.
4. Shooting Practice. It is commonplace to take the officers on the range, fresh, alert and full of energy. But as experts, studies and fact sheets can prove; under duress and fatigue, fine motor skills, and training can be lost. Practicing the details and mundane necessities is important and should never be skipped. The more ingrained it is, the less is lost in real time. As far as helping the stress and fatigue issues, periodically wearing their body down before shooting can help better manage their skills. Running drills, and intense aerobic exercises to get blood pumping and create a shortness of breath is a great strategy to stimulate a weary mind and body. Immediately incorporate shooting range drills and exercises to help combat the loss of skills during those intense moments.

Law Enforcement & Military Shooting Range Equipment & Accessories in Las Vegas Nevada; Live Fire Training Simulator Systems & Solutions

There are many other things to consider than the generic shooting drills for law enforcement, but one thing is clear, regular shooting range practices, along with real life drill simulations will better equip law enforcement officers. Contact Shooting Range Industries for more information on our custom shooting ranges today!

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