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Law Enforcement Shoot or Don’t Shoot Dry & Live Fire Scenario Training Systems & Solutions

The media swarms like flies on scat whenever there is an incident where a police officer makes the choice to shoot or not to shoot, and he or she feels they must shoot. The media seems to get a thrill when the officer in question has shot an unarmed suspect when faced with such a decision. Whenever law enforcement has been in that scenario, the angry citizens rarely put their feet in the officer’s shoes.

Shooting Range Industry looks at shoot or don’t shoot training scenarios

Law enforcement officers are often put in challenging situations. Often times when an officer engages themselves into escalating confrontations, the situation has brewed long before their arrival. Diffusing people with elevated emotions can be a great hardship, especially when the officer has no idea how the person(s) in question will respond or what they are capable of. Tension is high, adrenaline pumping, and the law enforcement officer has but a single moment to decide if life is threatened in a fraction of a second.

Shoot or Don’t Shoot Role Play Simulator

There have been a handful of civil activist leaders offered and invitation to run through a handful of simulations to try and understand the law enforcement side of things. Some have swallowed their pride and humbly admitted to understanding why there are some cases where unarmed suspects get shot, and others have resisted full admission by adding their own view on policies and training. No matter where they once stood, they now have perspective, and have altered their views.

Simulation Scenario Training

Where some critics might scrutinize law enforcement training, tactics, or methods, many of those people do not realize the various conditions and circumstances our officers might face. In one training scenario, for example, a police officer had to deal with a belligerent drunken civilian. The situation detailed that the unarmed drunken person get aggressive to a minor degree. The officer did well in that scenario and diffused the situation with no incident. Later in training, they brought back the same situation, only this time the drunken suspect was armed, and in that scenario, had it been real; the officer would have fallen. The point is that despite preparations and training, in an instant where someone is being aggressive, defiant, resistant, and enraged; there is no telling what other contributing factors might be in the situation and what that person might do next.

Law Enforcement Training

Law enforcement has a set of requirements, training, conditioning and education in continuous efforts to help prepare them for challenges they may face. It is easy to point fingers at local law enforcement when things go bad. But as civilians, it is equally important that cooperation, compliance and submissiveness be applied to avoid hostilities and unnecessary confrontations that will escalate to fatalities.

Law Enforcement Live Fire System Training Solutions; Custom Shooting Range Design Manufacturer Based in Las Vegas NV

Dry fire role play simulation is a great training exercise but live fire law enforcement practice drills and scenario training on the shooting range utilizing simulation technology takes it to a new level. Experiencing the sounds, smells and feel of firing live rounds helps give law enforcement confidence when they are forced to draw their weapon on the job and prepare to fire. Shooting Range Industries wants to help officers become able to recognize the moments when someone may or may not be intending on committing bodily harm and react appropriately. Contact Shooting Range Industries to learn more about how our custom shooting ranges can assist with your live fire simulation practice and training!

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