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Law Enforcement Shotgun Training Drills; Weak Hand, Basic Mounting, Flashlight & More

In both law enforcement and military, shotguns are an overlooked resource. Equally important among the tactical team, shotguns are ideal for close range combat. We at Shooting Range Industries have included a handful of shotgun drills to help those in law enforcement that are looking for some extra drills to better handle your shotgun.

Weak Hand Shooting Drills

An advantage with close quarter combat is shotgun combat, which law enforcement and military personnel can both benefit from. An important necessity is that you should be prepared to handle your weapon with the weak hand as well as you do with the primary hand. To begin, use traditional shooting positions as well us nontraditional shooting positions to shoot your weapon with your strong hand and replicate it on the weak side. Shoot the same targets following a few static practices and reload with the weak hand while on the move. The more drills you can perform on the weak side will come as you improve and become more familiar using the weaker hand.

Basic Mounting

To improve your handling and accuracy use the basic drill. Held in the ready position (butt tucked lightly under your arm, muzzle horizontal or a little higher), while on the begin with your shotgun and keep your eyes on a specific spot on the target. Push the muzzle out towards the target while keeping your eye on the target point. Raise the stock to your face after you push the muzzle two or three inches out toward the target and place the butt of the shotgun is brought out from under your arm. Finally, by pulling back with your trigger hand and fire accurately, seat the gun in your shoulder pocket. This exercise will only get smoother and smoother as you continue to repeat this exercise over and over again. Remember speed is not important in this drill as the point of the exercise is be more familiar with your shotgun and hitting your target; speed comes later naturally.

Flashlight Shotgun Drill

Though this is drill used for beginners, it is still good to hone your skills. Without having to constantly keep your eyes on the gun is the general idea for this exercise, so you are allowed to stay focused on the target with open awareness to threats around you. Make certain the flashlight is mounted on the shotgun and is set accordingly to shine where the muzzle is pointed. To shine the light on the target, establish your drawing drills in the dark if it is possible. Continue to practice this drill until the action is smooth, and your target is spot on before you begin firing live rounds. As if shooting crossing shots, next swing the gun back and forth all the while the beam on the seam is between the wall and ceiling. Combine the two movements together after you have practiced the movement enough that is it fluid. Move the muzzle and follow the flight line to your target from starting in the ready position. Now as you swing the muzzle, bring the stock to your face and the gun into your shoulder. You can add live firing on a target once the exercise becomes efficiently smooth.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Practice & Training

Keep in mind that there are many additional drills you can practice with your shotgun. You only get more efficient and accurate you can be with your shotgun with the more drills and firing at the shooting range you partake in. Shooting Range Industries manufactures custom shooting ranges for practice and training to help you improve your firearm skills. Contact us to learn more today!

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