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Live Fire Training Systems & Solutions for Law Enforcement

Our ReadyRange® is a complete 2 Lane modular shooting range ideal for Law Enforcement Live Fire Training. These container ranges are 100% ballistically contained with all lighting, range equipment, HVAC and HEPA filtration. The ReadyRange® is expandable in length and width in 2 lane increments, and can be fully customized to meet your specific needs. The ReadyRange® can be set in your parking lot or placed into an existing building. Connect power and you are ready to train.

Keep Your Officers Alive!

Do your officers have the best training available?

Our ReadyRange® with MILO Simulation System offers Live Fire Judgmental Training.

This is an affordable solution to your training needs.

ReadyRange® with MILO Law Enforcement Live Fire Simulation

Shooting Range Industries has developed a range of products to prepare your officers for the unexpected with live fire and simulation training that they require for decision making skills while in the field. Our product engages officers to make verbal directives with action capture playback video to critique his/her performance. If shooting is required, freeze
frame playback that shows shot by shot hits.

Save Your Officers Lives and Reduce Wrongful Shootings

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Open Letter to Law Enforcement Professionals

Fellow Law Enforcement Professional,

Shooting Range Industries, LLC (SRI) is truly dedicated to our great Municipal, State and Federal Law Enforcement communities. We enjoy a great sense of fulfillment when our products and services create an effective training environment resulting in a high level of preparedness of our Nation’s Law Enforcement Officers.

For those in law enforcement, security, military and intelligence communities, the prospect of being involved in a dangerous, potentially life-ending situation is understood and accepted. This is an inherent risk of these professions that needs to be anticipated, equipped for and trained for. The competent use of firearms in marksmanship and judgmental situations is a perishable skill that must be practiced and exercised on a regular basis to maintain proficiency. Consequently, SRI is reaching out to Municipal, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies who are required to conduct on-going firearms live fire training as part of protecting and serving the general public. More than 20,000 officers have been killed in the line of duty throughout U.S. history, with the earliest dating back to 1791. On average, one Law
Enforcement Officer is killed in the line of duty somewhere in the United States every 60 hours. While recent studies indicate that figure is below average, SRI would like to assist in making these figures even lower by offering our unique turn-key ReadyRange® live fire training system to you.

The monies lost due to wrongful shooting lawsuits brought against municipalities, cities, states, and agencies of all sizes exceeds tens of millions of dollars on an annual basis. The Chicago Sun Times reports that the city of Chicago has paid out nearly half a billion dollars in settlements over the past decade, spending $84.6 million in fees, settlements, and awards last year alone. The city of Philadelphia has paid $40 million to settle 584 lawsuits since January 2009. Last year, the city of Baltimore spent $5.7 million on settlements and awards, and another $5.8 million on legal fees.
These types of incidents and expenses could be reduced by implementing a highly interactive, real-life scenario based firearms live fire training regimen that augments your current firearms qualification and live fire training. The SRI ReadyRange® Law Enforcement live fire training system affords you the opportunity to execute such an intense live fire training regimen on a range of your own. Furthermore, the money saved by eliminating just a small percentage of these costly lawsuits would, in most cases, easily exceed the value of a fully operational ReadyRange®.

Recent events and the media coverage they’ve garnered have placed multiple levels of the law enforcement community under a microscopic level of examination and scrutiny. It is our goal to provide a unique piece of firearms training equipment that, when utilized, will better prepare your Officers for those split second decision making moments and dangerous situations that they face every day. Recent studies and countless hours of research conducted by the SRI team has revealed that judgmental training is generally sought after but rarely achieved by most law enforcement agencies. Many law enforcement agencies stated to us that live fire training at the nearest range includes target practice that is only completed at a qualification level twice a year. Many Law Enforcement Agencies further stated that, under the best circumstances, they are fortunate to have range time once a quarter. Many agencies also stated that true judgmental live fire training exercises were too hard to come by and were also much too expensive to conduct. And, of course, the most common training constraints – travel time, overtime, additional expenses, etc. were also identified. These and other data collected by the SRI team led us to conclude that this non-dynamic type of training and low frequency of live fire shooting in no way prepares our officers for the challenges they face in the field on a daily basis. The modular, expandable, reconfigurable ReadyRange® affords the user more frequent [“on demand”] range time and provides a high quality training environment with virtually no training constraints or distractions. Additionally, when equipped with the MILO firearms training simulator, the ReadyRange® accommodates scenario based judgmental training and marksmanship skill building exercises. The frequency of training throughput this quality environment provides results in the conduct of more positive and effective live fire qualification
and training exercises.

We understand that budgets are limited and funds are often prioritized based on necessity. This, at times, makes the possibility of purchasing a shooting range using current, already allocated funds a seemingly unrealistic option. Consequently, SRI offers a creative finance/lease program designed to enable our customers to more easily meet their firearms training needs today – with minimal delay. The SRI finance/lease program strategy is structured in a manner that allows our clients to pay for their investment over time with a final low cost of ownership payment at the end of the finance period. This creative approach enables SRI to provide ReadyRange® live fire training systems to the broadest range of clients in the timeliest manner.

SRI would like to offer your agency our services by allowing us to build an affordable, cost effective state-of-the-art ReadyRange® that will meet and exceed your firearms live fire training requirements. Each ReadyRange® comes fully equipped and can be “training ready” within days of delivery. The standard ReadyRange® includes two complete shooting lanes with overhead target retrieval systems, HVAC with HEPA filtration banks, EPA friendly (no secondary matter) bullet traps, low-light training capability, a fully interactive MILO firearms training simulation system and more. The ReadyRange® is expandable in two-lane increments and can be extended in length to accommodate range distance requirements and other various training criteria. The ReadyRange® will allow your team to partake in some of the most innovative training currently available in the market today. Please take a moment to review the attached introductory flier and brochures.

How a ReadyRange® can help your Department…

– Better Quality and Higher Frequency of Live Fire Training
 – Range is at Your Facility, eliminating travel time, overtime and associated costs
 – 24 Hour Training Available regardless of Weather Conditions and Time Restraints
 – State-of-the-Art Live Fire Judgmental Training that Simulates Real Life Situations
 – Lower Cost and Expenses for the entire spectrum of ‘Use of Force’ Training
 – Accreditation of your Officers having Dynamic Judgmental Training
 – Lower Risk of Wrongful Death/Injury Law Suits

Please feel free to contact us for more information. We appreciate your valuable time and look forward to exploring how the SRI ReadyRange® training system could benefit
your organization.


Michael Halverson
Shooting Range Industries LLC.

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