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Learn Proper Gun Parts Terms, Definitions & Meanings such as Magazine, Gauge & Caliber

There are many misconceptions, myths and legends about different guns and ammunition, and it often seems like everyone who knows anything about firearms can consider themselves an expert. It is important to become familiar with proper gun definitions and meanings so you don’t embarrass yourself while out at the gun range or out on a hunt. The language of firearms has evolved with few rules, and as a result of this there abounds a lot of confusion. Becoming completely knowledgeable about every firearm that was ever made can take quite some time, but there are a few basic points of knowledge that will help you understand each firearm a little better.

Don’t Use Incorrect Slang Gun Names & Terms

Some people call the magazine of your firearm a “clip”. A magazine is not a clip, it is a magazine. While certain songs may boast of loading a clip, it is not correct to refer to your firearm this way. Have respect for yourself and learn the correct terms for your firearm. It is important to remember that language is constantly changing and the rules can change as popular usage changes. Keep it professional and smart and you will earn more respect among fellow gun owners.

Know the Gun Meaning of Gauge

Most everyone has heard their dad or grandpa refer to their shotgun as their 12 gauge. Gauge is a measure of the inside diameter of a shotgun barrel. The most common size is the 12 gauge, with up to 50% of the overall shotgun market in the United States. The 20 gauge shotgun is favored by shooters who are uncomfortable with the weight and recoil of a 12 gauge shotgun. The 20 gauge is also popular for upland game hunting. The next most popular sizes of shotgun are the 28 gauge and the .410 bore. Keep in mind that the .410 is the caliber of a small shotgun, which would be a 67 1/2 gauge, but is never called that. The gauge term was developed hundreds of years ago before accurate devices could produce precise measurement.

Know the Gun Definition of Caliber

When discussing the caliber of a gun it is important to know that it refers to the diameter of a bullet. This term can be expressed in either metric or English measurements, depending on where the firearm was developed and how the company who developed the firearm decides to market the firearm. So even if you live in America, you may be referring to a specific firearm in millimeter caliber, and that is totally acceptable. It is most important to know the caliber of your own firearm so you do not accidentally purchase the wrong type and ruin your gun or create a dangerous situation.

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