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List of Famous Guns & Gun Brands that Shaped History; Brown Bess, American Long Rifle & More

History is shaped through many different aspects. And many factors impact the evolution of different events throughout history, including the weapons. With that in mind, we at Shooting Range industries would like to share some of the most iconic guns that helped shape history.

List of Famous Guns & Gun Brands that Shaped History

1) Brown Bess, 1722: The standardized issue British musket is generically dubbed “Brown Bess” saw extensive use on both sides of the Revolutionary War throughout the 1700 and 1800s.
2) American Long Rifle, Early 1700s: In comparison to their European counterpart, the American-made long rifle, or also referred to as the Kentucky Long Rifle, had much longer barrels. The accuracy of these rifled barrels would enable a marksman to hit their targets at over 200 yards, 100 yards more than the average smooth-bore musket. Despite being loaded slower than the muskets, the accuracy and efficiency of these weapons would help the American colonists win their independence from England and lengthen their existence on the American Frontier.
3) Colt 1851 Navy, 1850: This .36 caliber cap and ball revolver, designed by Samuel Colt in 1847-1850, was made popular with many American icons that include John Henry “Doc” Holliday, Wild Bill Hickok, and Robert E. Lee.
4) Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle-Musket, 1853: The British Empires switch from smooth-bore muskets to rifled muskets was piloted with the chambered in for a caliber “mini” ball rifle. The Pattern saw action all over the world and was in common service in 1853-1867. Owning the title of the second most used infantry weapon during the American Civil War.
5) Henry Repeating Rifle, 1860: In 1860 Benjamin Tyler Henry patented this rifle as it chambered a caliber rim-fire cartridge. Though neither army issued these rifles on large volumes, many Civil War soldiers used their re-enlistment bounty to buy one.
6) Spencer Repeating Rifle, 1860: In U.S. military history, they Spencer Repeating rifle was the 1st officially adopted repeater. Despite being introduced in 1860, it would take a personal demonstration for Abraham Lincoln to recognize the potential of this rifle, adopting it into the military. Ironically, upon the capture of John Wilkes Booth, he was armed with a Spencer.
7) 1862 Gatling Gun, 1862: On November 4th of 1862, following Dr. Richard Gatling patenting his invention, he wrote that the purpose behind his invention was to reduce the size of armies in an effort to show that war was futile. He would forever alter the course of large-scale armed combat instead.
8) Philadelphia Deringer, 1865: Introduced in 1852, a small percussion handgun design by Henry Derringer, made a popular conceal carry handgun of the time. But as history would record, on April 14th, 1865, John Wilkes Booth would shoot and kill President Abraham Lincoln as he watched the play Our American Cousin, at point blank range.
9) Colt 1873 Single Action Army, 1873: In 1872, the Colt Single Action Army, nicknamed “The Peacemaker” was developed for the U.S. government service revolver trials. Not only was a standard issue sidearm, this weapon also wildly popular across the American West. During WWII, General George Patton carried an ivory-handled Peacemaker.
10) Winchester 1873, 1873: Commonly known as the “the Gun That Won the West”, this gun was extremely popular among the American Frontier as they were easily chambered with the common cartridges of the day including the .44-40, .38-40, and .32-20.

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