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Live Fire Practice Exercises & Training Indoor Shooting Ranges for Serious Shooters; Timing Shots, Combat & Tactical Reloading & More

An indoor shooting range represents emergent commercial operation in the United States. They offer climate controlled environments with opportunities for personal instruction. Wide open spaces at a premium indoor range open up the shooting experience to a growing range of shooters. With lanes from 15 yards out to 50 yards, on some ranges the opportunity to engage in some trigger time has been improved. Some indoor ranges even offer the opportunity to experience full automatic weapons. These ranges offer rentals and ammo sales and many have qualified instructors on staff for the beginners.

Live Fire Exercise Training for Serious Shooters

Live fire exercises for the serious shooter are available. With the investment of a timer or timer app for a smart phone, speed loaders or magazines and a gun and some ammo various drills can be shot to improve personnel skills. Regardless of the many alternatives for firearms training nothing can fully substitute for live fire drills. One such drill is one handed short range shooting. Most altercations involving guns occur at seven yards or less. Reaction time is limited, and achieving a two hand hold may consume precious seconds in response. Given reaction times involved in edged weapon versus gun 21 feet has been the golden rule minimum with 30 ft as more realistic. It is given as the distance that a person can recognize an edged threat, draw and fire two rounds center mass is 21 feet. But if the threat is less than 21 feet you are not justified on that fact alone to fire. Close combat with a edged weapon or a fire arm leaves little time for contemplation and to achieve assuming the Weaver two handed stance. Reaction will dictate one handed shooting from less than three feet out to about the seven yards.

Timing Shots During Shooting Practice

Timers can use a buzzer or beeping queue to signal and can give times for each shot. The timer can give interval from the queue to the first shot, reaction time and from the first shot to the second. Practicing two to three shot tight order strings can sharpen close quarter combat skills. You can also time reloading skills. Fill two magazines with five shots each and time the interval between start and end with a change of magazines in between. Reloading skills, particularly with five shot revolvers or 6 or 7 shot mini-autos may spell the difference between success and being a morgue guest.

Combat & Tactical Reloading Practice

Speed is important in these drills, but if you “don’t hit it, you ain’t goin’ to stop it.” Speed and accuracy go together, without both any argument is moot. Beyond the 7 yard/21 foot mark the two handed Weaver stance is preferred. It offers higher control and subsequent accuracy. Again a few reloading drills can be practiced. Another technique to practice is the tactical reload. You may be engaged in a rolling gun fight. Given the pressure of combat, keeping track of the rounds fired may not be practical. The tactical reload is accomplished between fires without emptying the magazine. Better to go to phase two combat with a full magazine, rather than find out the only round you have is in the chamber. All training is subject to range rules, but with minimal alteration most can be accommodated.

Custom Indoor Shooting Ranges

Indoor ranges are very effective for this type of training. Contact Shooting Range Industries to inquire about your own custom shooting range.

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