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Long Distance Shooting Accuracy with Self Defense Pistol Weapons; Practice, Spin Drift & Trajectory Calculator

When you are talking about self defense, you will most likely be dealing with shooting at a close range. Even though this may be true, should you ignore practicing long range shooting with your defense weapon? Shooting Range Industries would like to point out some reasons you should be accurate when shooting your defense weapon long range as well as close range.

Long Range Accuracy

Many shooters don’t worry about long range accuracy with their defense weapon because they feel it is unlikely that they will ever need to use it other than close range. This is not a good reason to not do some training at long range; just in case you may need it someday. You may find yourself in a unique situation that requires a shot between 25 and 50 yards with your pistol. You want to be ready for it; if the situation ever arises. Training for a rainy day is necessary just to cover all possible scenarios.

Bullet Spin Drift & Trajectory Calculator

When you are training with your rifle, you learn all about trajectory and bullet drop and how to shoot with accuracy, taking both into account. Pistol owners may not realize that they need to worry about bullet drop when shooting at longer ranges, simply because they have never had to shoot anything but close range, and haven’t done any training with longer ranges. When shooting a pistol long range, you will experience bullet drop and you need to familiarize yourself with it. Learning to work with bullet drop takes practice. If you are comfortable with a rifle and the way it shoots, you should be able to apply those same rules to your pistol as you get familiar with the way it shoots at long range.

Shooting Practice Makes Perfect

In order to be accurate with your defense weapon at long range, it will take practice. You need to be able to master sight alignment and trigger control. In order to be accurate, you need to be consistent with your grip and trigger above all else. This should be second nature to you. The only way to get there is to practice this over and over again. In order to get your hand/eye coordination where it needs to be, grip and trigger control needs to be practiced thousands of time. You want to get to the point that it is simply muscle memory and you don’t even have to think twice about it. You may not feel comfortable shooting at longer ranges with your defense weapon, and that is exactly why you should put in some hours doing it. Pushing yourself beyond your limits will, in the long run, make you a better shooter. As you spend time on the range working on fundamentals, you will improve your shooting skills and get to where you want to be. It’s a bonus that you will walk away with the ability to shoot your pistol at long ranges accurately.

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