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Machine Guns Vegas Indoor Range Manufactured by Shooting Range Industries Named One of the Top 5 Coolest Gun Ranges in America!

Just this month, Machine Guns Vegas was named one of the top five coolest gun ranges in America! Their unique shooting experiences include zombie survival packages, competition packages, special ops packages, and much more that leave people coming back for more! This incredible shooting range is just one example of the many designed and manufactured by Shooting Range Industries. Our high quality shooting range designs offer the safest possible shooting experience.

Indoor Shooting Range Stalls & Lane Dividers

When it comes to shooting stalls, Shooting Range Industries works hard to maximize your space and provide protection and comfort for your shooters. Our shooting range stalls are made up of double steel jacketed walls that are covered by diamond plate aluminum. All shooting stalls are made customizable to fit your needs and make the most of your space!

Bullet Traps for Indoor Shooting Ranges

In order for your live fire shooting experience to be successful, you need to have high grade bullet traps. This is the case whether you have an indoor or outdoor shooting range. There are different options available depending on the needs of your specific range design. No matter what range design, you will want all bullets fired down range safely stored without causing any damage to the environment. It is important that all the lead from bullets is disposed of safely without human contact.

Gun Range HVAC Design & Ventilation Systems

Another important element of the bullet trap system is an exhaust port. This keeps any lead dust and other particulates out of your shooting range. The exhaust port connects with your air filtration system to keep the air free of particulates. Having good air quality is important for any indoor shooting range. The use of full ductwork, filters, exhaust fans and blowers, along with heating and air conditioning work together to provide the highest air quality possible.

Shooting Range Equipment; Ceiling Guards

High quality ceiling guards add another level of safety to any shooting range. They are key in making sure any projectiles are directed down range providing safety for shooters as well as any light fixtures, ductwork or other parts of the HVAC system. Shooting Range Industries designs all ceiling guard systems to fit your specific shooting range needs.

Target Retrieval Systems

When Shooting Range Industries manufactures target retrieval systems, we use durable materials in their designs. The goal is to allow shooters to have control over the distance and position of each individual target. Again, all target retrieval systems are customizable to fit the needs of your specific shooting range. No matter which one you choose, they all come with motor control boxes, target car & hangers, retrieval ends, stainless steel cable and drive cords, individual stall mounted controls, and pre-constructed wiring harness and switches.

Modular Shooting Ranges with Custom Range Design, Bullet Traps, Equipment & Accessories for Law Enforcement Practice & Training Solutions, Manufactured in Las Vegas, NV

Let Shooting Range Industries design your customizable shooting range. With our high quality products and years of experience and expertise, you will no doubt have a one of a kind shooting range. We will keep you at the cutting edge of live fire training. Call us today!

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