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Military Live Fire Training Solutions; Moving Shooting Targets, Low Light Firing, Range Distance, Cover & Concealment

It is presumed that no matter what military division or position you serve in, there is a minimum of weapons training that must be undertaken. Often, when young men and women feel a drive to begin a career in the military, they too like to prepare for what’s ahead and utilize a shooting range to practice and hone their skills. Often when folks visualize a shooting range, they visualize a series of organized lanes where people shoot at stationary paper targets. Where those lanes are still available and have their uses, shooting ranges have added so much more in modern technology to aid in modern and upgraded tactics and training situations. Shooting ranges are designed for many avid shooting needs. Law enforcement training, military training, civilian concealed weapon carry training, self defense training, competitive shooting, hunting skills improvement and so much more are all reasons for people to take advantage of both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.

Shooting Range Industries would like to focus on the military using shooting ranges for target practice and live shooting skills

With the innovative and reliable equipment available there are many scenarios that can be practiced to better help military personnel prepare for real life in the field combat. Perceiving threats and placing the shot on the target is priority. Moving targets, deciphering friend or foe, cover and concealment, quick decision responses, and low-light and poor visibility scenarios are all example of real tactical training and prove prudent for survival. Utilizing technology, equipment and custom shooting range designs can contribute to all these training methods being improved.

Shooting Range Industries supports our military and have developed ways to contribute to live shooting skills

Modular Containerized Small Arms Training Set, or MCSATS, is a prime example. MCSATS is a superior solution that not only meets requirements, but exceeds them. Complete with roofing, insulation, access doors, electricity, HVAC filtration, metal siding and a variety in colors, our MCSATS are an engineered 100% ballistic enclosed modular live firing unit. MCSATS can be equipped with one or shooting lanes, shooting stalls, target retrieval systems, bullet traps and lighting requests. There are also custom choices for optimal training situations. MCSATS have exceptional benefits that aid in military training and help in live fire tactics!

Basic Firearm Shooting Drills

Some of the basic firing drills are important to practice on their own; they are reinforced in tactical training exercises. Trigger control, follow through, sight picture and alignment, breathing, aim with both eyes open, and other basics is stringent when firing on tactical exercises. Where those might be seem beginner level shooting, they are all applied when hitting moving targets, along when the shooter is on the move. These are a few things the beginner can work on before engaging in a military career and during.

Custom Shooting Ranges, Equipment & Accessories to Not Just Meet But Exceed Military Live Fire Training Solutions

We at Shooting Range Industries would like to take the time to thank our current active military, our veterans and the families of those who serve. Protecting our freedoms and our country is something we cannot adequately express our appreciation enough in words. We send out our thoughts and prayers for safety and prosperity, again, thank you!

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