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MILO Range Simulator; Virtual Firearms Training for Emerging Threats, Use of Force & More

Being engineered to provide officers dynamic, real-world training exercises that improve situational awareness and safety, virtual training systems are highly customizable. The virtual training environment can imitate average daily encounters, active shooters, and other use-of-force scenarios. Being more prepared to respond to any type of threat regardless of its severity, officers who participate in virtual training will gain improved situational awareness and more training experiences. In any type of simulated environment, officers are allowed in virtual training systems. Additionally, instructors can run officers through multiple virtual training exercises using virtual training systems and apply immediate instructor feedback. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to elaborate virtual training systems and how they improve an officer’s situational awareness.

Emerging Threats

Using a virtual training system, instructors can design any type of exercise. After reviewing recent incidents, agencies and instructors can develop exercises that mimic these real-world events. You can create virtual training system based on emerging threats to increase situational awareness to identify the threat and be better prepared to respond. To improve situational awareness and prepare all officers to respond effectively and safely, this method is a very relevant training to law enforcement agencies.

Specific Jurisdiction

Instructors have the opportunity to customize exercises based on their unique environment, jurisdictional setting and known threats in addition to training officers on emerging threats that are occurring on virtual training systems. Before backup arrives, a rural jurisdiction can create exercises that a single deputy or officer might have to manage, for instance. When a real-world event occurs this jurisdiction-specific virtual training can better prepare officers and improve their situational awareness.

Use of Force, or UOF

In a matter of seconds, an officer is required to make critical, life-saving decisions. To simulate various scenarios in which an officer will be subjected to immediate UOF decision-making, instructors can use this training system. The officer does not know how the subject will act like real-world encounters. Based on the officer’s response, instructors can modify the virtual training exercise.

Complicated Threats

To create complex exercise scenarios that will challenge every officer to maintain their situational awareness to protect the innocent and stay safe virtual training systems are highly customizable and allow instructors the opportunity. Loud sounds, gunfire, gunshot wounds, hostile subjects, active shooters and more can all be simulated. Depending on the intensity of the scenario, the duration of the exercise can also vary. Officers can receive immediate feedback for applied correction following the running of complex threat exercises.

MILO Range Simulators

Shooting Range Industries offers MILO Range Simulators, and tactical judgment training, for interactive use of force, and firearms training systems all set the international standard. For government, law enforcement, military, and police agencies worldwide, this is the leading simulation provider. To effectively train your team, the customizable simulations deliver safe and realistic training options. You can be sure you are investing in a state-of-the-art solution that will perfectly fit your needs for years to come. Call us to learn more today.

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