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Mobility Workout Routine; Exercises to do at the Shooting Range Rather than the Gym!

Many of us hate going to the gym. Wouldn’t it be more fun to go to the shooting range instead? Shooting Range Industries lists how to get your workout routine in while at the range!
1. Forward Lunges are simply more fun at the shooting range. Nothing says strong, athletic legs like lunges. Position transitions from standing to kneeling make for a great workout. And you can practice transitioning from standing to kneeling at the range. You will be sure to feel it the next day!
2. Hammer Curls build bulging biceps but the gym isn’t the only place to work these muscles. Rifle down to the ready position drills are all you need to get the blood pumping in your biceps to build those upper arm ‘guns’ you work so hard at the gym to get.
3. Dumbbell Overhead Shoulder Presses are another exercise that are better at the shooting range. The same muscle group you use when you are pushing dumbbells up over your head at the gym will also be worked at the range as you go to lift your gun up and down into the ready position and back again.
4. Squats & Jump Squats may help achieve buns of steel but you would have to do to many to count to achieve that level. Instead, why not try shooting on the move? It is a great form of cardio with the added bonus of improving your shooting skills while toning those butt muscles.
5. Burners are better at the shooting range when you are looking to build shoulders of steel. Burners may help to stabilize the muscles in and around your shoulders but so does shooting a 100 rounds or more at the range. Both activities require the same stability and muscle groups.
6. Push-Ups. Push-ups are exhausting, requiring you to push your entire body weight up using only your arms. When you go to the shooting range on a regular basis, however, even for just a couple hours of target practice; it will help you work on the same muscles without repetitious push-ups.
7. Planks can be a real pain but they are awesome for your core. A strong core is great for position transitions. It will take less time and make it easier to make these transitions if you are planking.

Benefits of Strong Core Muscles

Building a strong core is an important foundation for everyone. It assists with extended use of different muscle groups as well as for endurance and balance. Basic floor exercises that include crunches, planks, scissor kicks and other core exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles are going to be the foundation for everything else you do in your workouts and daily life. Fatigued bodies rely on a strong core to ground them. There are many exercises that focus on strengthening muscles that will be used when holding firearms out at arms’ length for long periods of time.

Custom Shooting Ranges in Las Vegas, Nevada

It is helpful to train under the conditions you will find your mind and body subjected to in a particular situation. And it’s important to be in the best shape possible. Why not do it at the shooting range rather than the gym? It’s more fun and you can get the same results and improve your shooting at the same time. Contact Shooting Range Industries and start working out at your own custom designed shooting range!

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