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Ready Range® by Shooting Range Industries

Shooting Range Industries offers complete, self contained two lane modular shooting solutions built into a mobile bullet proof container. Our Modular Shooting Solutions come complete with Shooting Stalls, Target Retrieval Systems, Bullet Traps, Lighting, and HVAC Systems. Our products are built to the highest specifications and are delivered fully assembled. Our Modular Shooting Designs are available in various lengths and are fully customizable for style and convenience. Call us today to discuss your specific needs and desires, and let us show you why we are the best.

Ready Range® Complete Mobile, Modular Shooting Range & Live Fire Training Systems & Solutions


READY RANGE® is your solution for live fire training requirements. READY RANGE® is an engineered, modular, 100% ballistic enclosed live fire trainer. The READY RANGE® system is complete with roofing, insulation, all access doors, electrical, HVAC, filtration and metal siding in 20 different colors. Inside, the READY RANGE® comes complete with 1 or 2 shooting lanes, shooting stalls, target retrieval systems, bullet traps and lighting. The READY RANGE® can also be configured to a wide open layout with custom lane widths per customer requirements. All that is required is a location to set the unit and utility connection hook up to the provided exterior electrical disconnect.

Environmentally Safe

Lead exposure and collection are always a concern with any live fire training. Lead collection in the READY RANGE® is as easy as changing out collection containers, snapping on sealed lids, and recycling your lead for money. Just as important for any live fire training is air quality and filtration. OSHA, NIOSH and EPA regulations for air quality are met in every READY RANGE® delivered. The HVAC system maintains constant air flow and a negative pressure to ensure that lead, smoke and airborne particulate are moved away from the shooter. All air passes through a 95 – 99.97% HEPA filter rack before it is exhausted outside the READY RANGE®. READY RANGE® is the environmentally safe solution for Commercial Military, Police, and Federal Law Enforcement indoor live fire training.


READY RANGE® meets today’s qualification and tactical training requirements, regardless of your training and shooting needs. The engineered READY RANGE® design allows expansion from 40 to 500 feet in length, and 1 to 20 or more shooting lanes. READY RANGE® can be customized and configured to expand with your budget and training needs. Your READY RANGE® can also be divisible at a later date. For example, a 12-lane Trainer Set could be divided and set up as two 6-lane READY RANGE® in different locations.

SRI Ready Range®

    • – Constructed for indoor live fire shooting
    • – Zero contamination to the outside environment
    • – Meets current environmental and safety regulations
    • – Prefabricated Ready Ranges® expandable in width and length
    • – Fabricated for maximum durability and safety
    • – Minimal maintenance and range downtime
    • – Optimal shooter training area and space
    • – Minimal installation time
    • – Lease programs available
    • – Delivery in 30 to 180 days
    • – No construction hassle, ready to shoot after utility connection is complete

Training & Maintenance

SRI can provide a Range Advisor on all installations for general training and maintenance of your Ready Range®. Training and maintenance of your Ready Range® include but are not limited to:

    • – Test all components for proper operation
    • – Check and adjust drive belts, cables, electrical connection, target stops, carriers, take-up assemblies, and all other components of the Ready Range® not mentioned herein
    • – Clean the Ready Range® of debris as required, not including removal of collected sand, rubber, and other natural material or spent lead
    • – Repair any non-functioning system or component thereof to include electronic assemblies and the master control console (parts extra)
    • – Inspect ballistic protection equipment including the bullet trap for improper wear and tear, accumulation of the lead and/or other debris
    • – Inspect and confirm clean all range air intake and exhaust ports are free from blockage (birds, nests, insulation, etc.)
    • – Inspect and confirm operation of all Ready Range® hardware (locks, handles, doors)
    • – Test and check operation of PA system
    • – Lubricate hinges on entire range including back doors


READY RANGE® allows the end user the ability to disassemble, move and relocate the live fire trainer set at any time in the future. Your investment will now never be lost to budget cuts, or change in desired training location. SRI delivers by truck and provides complete installation of all Ready Range® modular solutions.

Loaded Truck

Private Garage Ready Range® Edison Edition by Shooting Range Industries

Mike Halverson, President of Shooting Range Industries, LLC & Miss Nevada USA 2012 Jade Kelsall show off the “Ready Range® Edison ” by Shooting Range Industries, LLC. This quality Modular Shooting Range was purchased for a private residence and installed in the garage. Doubling as a gun safe & Panic Room this is another product that demonstrates why SRI is the Industry Leaders when it comes to Shooting Range Design, Construction & Equipment.


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