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Movie Guns; Shooting LeMat Cap & Ball Revolvers, Long Range Riles, Semi-Automatic Pistols & More

Today Shooting Range Industries takes a look at a unique weapon that has found its way into movies such as Cold Mountain and Twelve Monkeys. This is the LeMat revolver. Produced in the US and France it was invented by a Confederate sympathizer Jean Alexandre LeMat who was living in New Orleans. He eventually went to France to produce the LeMat revolver for the Confederacy. This unique weapon was a 9 shot cap ‘n ball pistol in either .42 or .36 caliber with two barrels. The upper barrel served as the cylinder. The lower barrel was a smooth bore 20 gauge shot gun loaded with buck shot. The weapon was heavily used by the Southern forces. It also showed up in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870.

Cap and Ball Revolvers in Civil War Movies

Cap ‘n ball revolvers are found in nearly every movie depicting the Civil War as it was the dominate firearm of the period and utilized by both sides. The Colt Walker was introduced and available during the Mexican-American War. The Walker Colt (another name used) was the most powerful .44 of the period and though listed as a .44, it shot .454 (.45 caliber) balls.

Rifles & Guns Used in Joe Kidd & Other Movies

In Eastwood’s movie Joe Kidd, we are entering a new era, that of the semi-automatic. Taking place near after the turn of the century we are introduced to long range rifles and semi-automatic pistol, and the traditional revolvers and lever guns. Eastwood acquires a C96 ‘Broom Handle’ Mauser. This uses an attachable shoulder stock, and can be exploited as a carbine. The Star Wars series used many real weapons with cosmetic changes. Han Solo’s side arm is a cosmetically altered Broom Handle Mauser. The high-powered rifle is a Canadian Ross Model 1910, a straight pull bolt action rifle. The Canadian Expeditionary Force used these 303 British rifles as a sniper rifle in WW I. A highly successful target rifle the gun suffered from a lack of ‘primary extraction’ and poor ammo in the opening stages of the war. Some of the guns were converted to Huot machines guns using a 25 round drum magazine. The guns mechanism was like a semi-auto gas gun. Pulling straight back operated the bolt. As such it would jam with dirty ammo, not ideal for trench warfare. British snipers considered in accurate to 660 yards. The bad guy used a Remington-Keene, and early bolt action using a tube magazine in 45-70. Not a long- range number but effective if it connects. Designed in 1878 and used by the Navy in 1880 aboard the USS Trenton and the USS Michigan. A number of the Frontier models, seen in the movie where issued to reservation police. Robert Duval armed himself with the Savage 99 lever action. This is one of the few times it appears in the movies. Another appearance was with Charles Bronson in Death Hunt. Of course, the 1892 Winchesters Lever guns, Colt peacemakers and No. 3 S&W is present. The Sheriff is sporting a Colt Bisley. Sheila Garcia’s character uses a short barreled Webly Bulldog. Colt 1878 Double Action Frontier with a Webley No. 5 Express, another double action of the time.

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