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Multiple Interactive Learning Objectives; Milo Range Live Fire Firearms Training Simulator for Law Enforcement, Military & Civilian Instruction

With modern technology, shooting ranges are able to provide better training for our law enforcement and military agencies, particularly with the newer and exciting training simulator called Milo Range. More and more indoor ranges are being designed with these modern milo range rooms where they can have more diverse and completed scenarios. With these scenarios they must battle through a barrage to better prepare them for the dangers of their job. Shooting Range Industries will share more about milo ranges and why every indoor gun range should provide them to their military and law enforcement citizens.

What is a Milo Range Simulator?

This is a common question among civilians. Milo range is a multi screened room that uses what is called a “use of force simulator” with enhanced field of view and multi directional threats and random scenarios. These screens come in 180 to 300 degree configurations which add to the immersion of those who are using it for training. That is one of the benefits of using a Milo Range. They increase field of view with HD screens which helps to convince the trainees that it is not just another training exercise but an actual real life experience. It is important for law enforcement and military personnel to train with as mush realism as possible to better prepare them for the job they are willing to undertake for the protection of their cities and their country.

Features of Milo Ranges; Visual Realistic Simulation Training Scenarios & More

Some of the features milo ranges offer is, of course, complete immersion by using HD video on all the screens and providing CQB, CQM, low light or flash light, taser, lethal and less lethal training scenarios as well as marksmanship and reactive targeting. In a nut shell, this means milo ranges can provide a wide range of training scenarios for their patrons. Milo ranges can also be converted to multi-lane firing ranges. Milo range or the theaters supports Unity and VBS3 which are better for military training platforms.

Realistic Audio Tracks & Sounds of Live Fire

Along with great visual scenarios the immersion won’t be complete without live time audio. One of the senses that law enforcement as well as military use, is sound. Sound of gunfire or the chambering of a round is very distinctive. So are the sounds of footsteps coming up behind you. Each scenario provides great sound to better develop the instincts of the trainee. Both visual and audible cues are an important instinct to develop to better prepare the trainee. It also heightens their awareness as to what is going on around them.

Police, Law Enforcement & Military Training

Milo ranges were first used in 1994 and since then the technology has improved in creating better training and more realistic training simulation needed to train military, law enforcement, security and other agencies that require combative training. With this super immersive training tool, milo ranges have been helping provide better training to our military and law enforcement in hopes they all return safely home.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy & Law Enforcement Training

Shooting Range Industries design and build gun ranges that include indoor milo ranges. For those gun ranges that want to help provide training to our local military and law enforcement, Shooting Ranges Industries can help bring the milo simulator to your gun range. Contact Shooting Range Industries today.

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