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Myths About Firearms You Learned from Watching Movies; Bullets Cause Huge Explosions, Gun Silencers Are Silent & More

Have you ever been watching a movie and noticed that there is an inconsistency such as a hair style, open door, microphone in view or change in wardrobe? These are fun to catch and when you do you feel like you found the code to a secret treasure. One area of movie making that has a serious amount of blunders is when there is a scene that uses guns. It has become an issue with people thinking that certain things about firearms the see on movies are true, when they are in fact a myth.

Shooting Range Industries Lists Myths You May Have Learned About Firearms from Watching Movies

A Bullet Will Cause A Huge Explosion: Yes, a bullet that has traveled from a gun is dangerous and can cause some real damage but there is nothing about it that will cause a huge explosion. You can go watch The Matrix and James Bond 007 movies to get a feel for how this myth has come to be. It always seems to show someone taking a shot at an area that has some kind of flammable material such as gasoline or a propane tank. The issue is that the items that tend to be blown up are manufactured to withstand being able to explode with such ease. When the myth was put to the test it was impossible to blow up a car or tank from a gunshot. There is a lot more that has to go into actually igniting something that would cause such a catastrophic explosion. So if you thought that shooting a cars gas tank would blow it up, you would be a victim of movie myths!
A Bullet Proof Vest Is So Effective, No Bullets Can Penetrate!: Okay so we have all seen a person that has been shot at numerous times only to stand up completely uninjured in the very next scene. The thing that was able to save their life from all the bullets riddling past was nothing other than a bullet proof vest. In Back To The Future, an assault rifle was used against the main character Doc where he was saved from his bullet proof vest. The big problem is that the Kevlar vest can withstand a shot from many handguns but if you are attacked by any kind of assault rifle you would not be protected.
A Gun Silencer Kills All Sound: When a hitman is working, they always add a silencer to their weapon to stop the sound from the soon to be shot. They always get the shot off with a tiny whisper that wouldn’t be heard by anyone in the area. The issue is that a gunshot is really loud and there is nothing that you can do to stop the noise completely or even lower it to a tiny little whisper. The gunpowder that explodes really does make a very loud noise. The sound that comes out with a silencer will still sound like a shot from a gun it may just sound like a smaller gun than it actually is. Some examples that perpetrate this Hollywood myth are In The Line of Fire and Shooter.

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