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Navy Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun Weapons Qualifications Courses. Call Shooting Range Industries in Las Vegas NV for Custom Shooting Ranges & Military Training Solutions

Military training poses its own set of problems especially in terms of Navy weapons qualifications courses. Obviously discharging a fully automatic weapon aboard a naval vessel is not an ideal situation. During Navy basic training recruits will qualify with the M-9 pistol and the Mossberg 500 shotgun rather than the M-16 rifle.

Computerized Simulator Training for Naval Recruits

The Navy in itself is unique when compared to other branches of the military. Before recruits get a chance to fire an actual weapon, they are trained on a computerized simulator. The idea being, that by the time the recruits pick up a real live weapon, they will already have a level of expertise that far exceeds what they would have had with the limited training resources of firing live rounds at a standard stationary paper target.
Comprehensive Navy training programs consist of several hours of classroom training and specifically concentrate on areas such as range safety, drawing and holstering pistols, loading and unloading weapons, marksmanship fundamentals, weapons characteristics, and operation of and assembly and disassembly of pistols and shotguns. Each candidate will also complete several hours of dry firing, a program that is designed to allow practice for safely firing a weapon without the use of ammunition.

Computerized Simulator Training Has Been Proven to Help Recruits Achieve Higher Scores during M-9 and Shotgun Range Qualifications

M-9 Qualification Target Course

The Navy chooses a standard M-9 pistol as its pistol of choice. The qualification course for an M-9 pistol has three phases and consists of a total of 48 live rounds.
• 3 yard line – consists of a total of 12 rounds from the three yard line
• 7 yard line – consists of a total of 12 rounds from the seven yard line
• 15 yard line – consists of a total of 24 rounds from the 15 yard line
In order to be a successful graduate of Navy recruit training, you must achieve a minimum score of 180. Each area of the target is worth a certain number of points. Vital areas such as head or chest are worth the most points.

Shotgun Range Qualification Target Course

The Navy shotgun qualification training course typically consists of different firing stations.
• Station 1 – 25 yards standing behind barricade
• Station 2 – 20 yards kneeling behind barricade
• Station 3 – standing position with no barricade
Although there are no rewards awarded for shotgun qualification, you must successfully qualify in order to graduate from Navy recruit training.

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