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New Concealed Carry Guard Elite Training & Tiered Insurance Program Introduced by the NRA

Over 14 million Americans are able to legally carry a concealed weapon. The NRA just unveiled a new training program along with a concealed carry insurance program for these people just recently. Shooting Range Industries is here to explain what this means for those with license to conceal and carry a firearm.

NRA Carry Guard is an Elite Training Program

For those in search of specialized training, Carry Guard has been organized for just this purpose. These training courses will be longer than the traditional training offered by the NRA and span the space of days rather than hours. The training will be tougher and certification challenging for those that carry a gun every day. Those that have helped with preliminary testing say this is the most intense training they have ever experienced.

Training for Those that Want to Carry in Public

This new training program will offer training to those that are looking to carry their firearm in public, not just training how to safely handle a firearm. Trainees will come away with a knowledge of their rights and the laws they must abide by as well as self-defense shooting tactics.

Carry Guard Tiered Insurance Program

Carry Guard insurance program has been designed to protect those that are in self-defense shooting situations. They will be available in bronze, silver and gold memberships with different coverage options available. These funds can be used for bail, retaining a lawyer, psychological support, firearm replacement, as well as any cleanup costs. This incredible coverage also comes with options such as 24 hour hotline for incident reporting, coverage for spouses, and a subscriptions to the NRA Carry Guard Magazine. The underwriter for this remarkable insurance is Chubb Insurance.

Details on Cost, Dates & Times of Concealed Carry Training to Be Determined

The NRA is still working out the details on how much this program will cost its members as well as where the training will be available and when. In selecting instructors, military, law enforcement and current NRA instructors are all eligible for the positions.

NRA Shows Support for the Concealed Carry Movement

This is just one of the ways that the NRA is showing its support for the concealed carry movement nationwide. With hopes that this movement will take flight like the original NRA organization in 80’s, the NRA is moving forward to offer this to Americans who legally conceal carry that are seeking out an elite, specialized training and insurance program.

Customizable Shooting Ranges for Firearms Practice & Training

Carrying a firearm each day is a privilege that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Dedicating time to ensure you have the right training necessary to carry your firearm in the responsible thing to do. At Shooting Range Industries, we design and fabricate customizable, modular shooting ranges that can offer you the platform to get the training you need. If you are looking for a place that you can perfect your shooting skills and familiarize yourself even further with your firearm, call us today for more information.

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