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New Products at Shot Show 2019; Brownells BRN Retro AR, Aimpoint ACRO P-1 & More

The largest and most comprehensive trade show for all professionals connected to shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries is the SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade) Show. With a combination of firearms, ammunition, cutlery, outdoor apparel, law enforcement, optics and related products and services, this is event is the world’s premier exposition. Buyers from all 50 states and over 100 countries, are attracted and attend the SHOT Show. In fact, in 2018 the 40th Anniversary SHOT Show, more than 60,000 industry professionals packed the aisles over four days eager to view new, innovative products used for target shooting, hunting, outdoor recreation and law enforcement purposes. We at Shooting Range Industries would like to share just a few examples of the highlights at this year’s event.

Shot Show 2019 New Guns & Products

Powerful Pocket Flashlight: An overlooked piece of EDC kit is a compact light. The Stiletto Pro was introduced and is an improved version of its original. The Stiletto Pro is made of aluminum and features a powerful 1,000-lumen flood-style beam, unlike the standard Stiletto’s polymer body. The clip on the Pro can be mounted so the light can be carried bezel up or down, as the Stiletto Pro has a pocket clip like the standard model.
Sig Sauer Light Machine Gun: The Lightweight 338 Machine Gun had a live fire demonstration performance of the gun that they plan to submit to USSOCOM for approval. With a quick-change 24-inch barrel and a folding stock, the Lightweight 338, this weapon weighs under 20 pounds.
Leupold 7-35x56mm Mark 5HD Scope: Becoming a popular trend among recreational shooters, the long-range shooting expands their Mark 5HD line to include a 7-35x56mm optic. The most popular scope among professional long-range competitive shooters is a 7-35x model.
Brownells BRN-PROTO Retro AR-15: In recent years retro guns, including early AR-15 clones have become a popular trend. A firearm that mimics the attributes of the earliest prototype versions of the most-popular centerfire carbine. The BRN-PROTO uses a flat-sided lower and a trigger-style charging handle that rides inside the carry handle upper receiver, like the early prototype Ars. To protect the shooter’s hand from barrel heat and the early-style sight base and three-prong flash hider complete the retro look, as the brown rounded handguards include aluminum heat shields. Brownells has recreated that magazine for use with the BRN-PROTO, and the AR-15s were equipped with 25-round magazines that are extremely-rare.
Aimpoint ACRO P-1: Aimpoint’s reputation for quality, durability and long battery life, who demand the best tools available with products a favorite of military and law enforcement customers. A small red dot optics designed to be used on handguns as well as a back-up sight for larger platform, and Aimpoint’s latest product is the Advanced Combat Reflex Optic (ACRO) P-1.

Proud Exhibitor at Shot Show 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada

These events showcase so many products and services, that anyone the least bit interested in firearms can benefit from. If you missed the SHOT Show of 2019 and belong to the shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries, be sure you do not miss it next year and be sure to check out Shooting Range Industries booth!

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