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Odd Firearm Solutions in History; Marble Game Getter & Other Break Action Combo Guns

Over the years there have been some unique and odd firearms solutions. One of these is the Guide Lamp FP-45 pistol. Stamped-steel, looked like it was made of tin cans. A 4” unrifled barrel graced this little single-shot gem. Opening butt of the pistol revealed 5 45 ACP cartridges. The idea was to manufacture them and drop them to the resistance cells in Europe, China and the Philippines. Load the single shot, approach the enemy, engage at close range and take the enemies weapon and ammo. How this is used are the users were not likely to document their activities. Built by the Guide Lamp company over a million were made with about 25,000 distributed in Europe costing $2.10 in 1942. Another 10,000 was issued to the OSS and given to the Chinese with another 4,000 passed around in the Philippines by McArthur.

Marble Game Getter

About 1908 Marble’s Arms and Manufacturing introduced the Marble Game Getter. Over and under configuration with a 22 LR on top and .44 shotshell on the bottom. This was the model 1908. The 1921 model featured a 22 LR over the top of a .44 shotshell or a 410 2 ½ inches shotgun shells. Had in 12”, 15” and 18” barrels the two shorter barreled models fell victim to the 1934 Firearms Act. The 3rd Generation Marble was a 18 ½ inch barrel sporting a 22 LR over a 410 shotgun smoothbore. All of the Game Getters had a folding metal stock and where quite popular during their time.

Other Break Action Combo Guns

The Game Getter was not the only break action combo gun. The Savage Arms Model 24 over and under. Offered over time with a 22 LR or 22 Magnum, .222 Remington or the 30-30 over a smooth bore 410 to 12 gauge the 24 was an excellent combination gun. Most were takedown models allowing for inclusion in a backpack for the weekend hike or fishing trip. Compact and powerful these guns were versatile answer for the one-gun owner. Other combo guns exist. The German Drilling was in one form a double-barreled shotgun with a third rifle barrel. Many were used as survival weapons by the German Luftwaffe pilots. They were also popular with European sportsman and hunters. Double rifle barrels with a shot barrel, the combinations were many. Double rifled or doubled shot barrels there are numerous Drillings available. This is a 20-gauge shot barrel, two 8x57mm rifle cartridges and a .22 Hornet top center. Truly a gun for all seasons. The vierling (quadruple) gun is as much and art statement as well as serious hunting weapon.

Pedersen Device

The Pedersen Device replaced the bolt of a 1903 Springfield and converted the rifle to a submachine gun shooting 7.65x20mm pistol like cartridge allowed the conversion of the Springfield 1903 into a full auto machine gun from a 40 round magazine and was designed from experience gained in trench warfare in WW1. Too late for the war 65,000 devices, 65 million cartridges, 1.6 million magazines and 101,775 modified Springfield rifles were produced. Using this device to provide suppression fire during advancements was the intention. All but about 100 devices were destroyed in 1931. There are many other truly remarkable oddities, many from the 19th century.

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