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Outdoor VS Shooting Ranges; Ammunition, Noise, Space, Weather, Safety, Cost, Tactical Training, Simulation & More

Once you get the gun you have been waiting for, the next thing you want to do is get out there and shoot it. In most places, you can’t just go outside and shoot wherever you want. You need to find a range. Now you are faced with a decision, do you go for the indoor shooting range, or the outdoor range? Shooting Range industries is here to point out pros and cons for both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.

Advantages to an Outdoor Gun Range

One of the biggest pros to the outdoor range is the ability to shoot whatever ammunition that you desire. You don’t have to worry about shooting with specific ammo, and can just go for it. Another benefit to shooting at outdoor ranges is the sound. Being outside, the sound is able to dissipate and not hurt your ears and sinuses like it does at an indoor range. And, let’s not fail to mention the space available at outdoor shooting ranges.

Disadvantages to an Outdoor Shooting Range

Outdoor shooting ranges are great, but they have some pretty big cons. The first being weather. They are extremely weather dependent. If it is raining, forget about it. There is no way you are getting out there to do any shooting when the weather isn’t cooperating. Not only can you not shoot when there is inclement weather, but you are out in the elements no matter what. If it is 100 degrees out there, too bad. You will be standing in it, and it can be pretty miserable. Another downside to outdoor ranges, is the increased safety risk. When you are ready to switch out your targets, you can’t just call the target back to you for retrieval like you can in an indoor range. You have to wait for all the other shooters to be done firing so you can walk out there and get it.

Benefits of an Indoor Shooting Range

Indoor shooting ranges are incredibly convenient. The can be built right in the middle of a city to make training at them extremely accommodating. You also don’t have to worry what the weather is like outside, because you will be sitting inside your air conditioned or heated shooting range as comfortable as can be. Indoor shooting ranges are also very customizable for tactical training. Adjustments can be made with lighting and other props to simulate different scenarios. There are sound effects and sometimes even virtual ranges that make the experience very realistic.

Drawbacks of an Indoor Gun Range

A lot goes into the fabrication of indoor shooting ranges such as bullet traps, target retrieval systems, and ceiling baffles. Because of this, they can be costly. There are also some limitations places on which ammunition you can use when shooting in them. Depending on the equipment they have for bullet traps and other designs, some indoor ranges don’t allow rifle shooting at all. There is also a lot more noise at an indoor shooting range. You will need to use the proper gear to give your ears the extra protection they need.

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