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Parts of a Cartridge; Case, Primer, Powder or Propellant & Projectile or Bullet (Lead Round Nose & More)

For those who may want to buy a handgun or pistol for home protection, work or sports, it is important to know the firearm and its ammunition. There are different types of ammunition, not to get confused with different calibers of ammunition. Never use a different caliber or ammo size than what your firearm is designed for. However, you can use different types of ammunition. The different ammo types are designed for certain use. It is important to know the ammo’s use as a firearm owner. Shooting Range Industries will go over the different types of ammo and how they can be used.

Components of a Cartridge

Ammunition, or the bullet properly referred to as a cartridge, is made of four parts.
• Case – The case is the cylinder that is brass, nickel, or steel. The case is the main component that houses the powder, primer, and the projectile. Certain cases, such as brass cases, can be reused for those who know how to reload ammunition. They can also recycle the case which is why many shooters will clean up the cases when they are done.
• Primer – The primer is that tiny circle at the bottom of the case. The primer is what sets of the powder inside the case. The firearm striker or hammer hits the primer, igniting the powder which will then propel the bullet out of the case and gun.
• Powder or Propellant – The gunpowder or also propellant is housed inside the case and once ignited it will power the bullet forwards.
• Projectile or Bullet – The bullet or projectile is the head of the cartridge and what is fired out of the handgun. When we refer to different types of ammunition it is often the design of the projectile.

Types of Projectile or Bullets

There are many different types of bullets and they range in use. Here are the different types of bullets and how you can use them:
• Lead Round Nose (LRN) – Lead round nose bullets are soft and fairly cheaper which makes them a good practice round.
• Wad Cutter (WC) – Wad cutter or often referred to as cookie cutter round are used in competing sports as well as it makes a very clean patterns.
• Semi Wad Cutter (SWC) – The Semi wad cutter bullet is a multi purpose round that can be used for hunting, range, practice, and in shooting sports.
• Semi-Jacketed (SJ) – Semi-jacketed rounds are good for home defense, hunting, and for range practice. As they are a more expensive round they are not used too often on the range.
• Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) – Full metal jacket has a softer interior such as lead and is clad with a thin layer of metal which is why they are called jacketed.
• Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP) – This round is design for the bullet to expand once fired, they are best used for home defense as they tend to loose strength after hitting a single target. These rounds should not penetrate multiple materials.
• Jacketed Hollow Points (JHP) – Just like semi jacketed hollow point, a jacket hollow point expands which is good for home defense or hunting.

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These are some of the common types of ammunition and how they are used. For range design and manufacturing, contact Shooting Range Industries.

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