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Perks & Benefits of Law Enforcement Training Systems; Realistic Firearms Training Simulators Can Save Police Officer’s Lives!

April 5, 1970 marks the anniversary of the Newhall Incident. This was a day of tragedy that ended in the death of four California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officers at the hand of two well armed suspects. At the time, CHP officers were armed with revolvers. One officer was found dead behind a car. He was in the act of reloading when he was killed. Lacking speed loaders, the officer was reloading each individual round, and in his pocket were six other cases. As he was taught on the range, you pocketed the empties so as to keep the range clean. Under stress the Officer reverted to training, pocketing his fired cases before reloading. Speed loaders and more realistic range training may have saved his life. In 1973 Mark Essex murdered nine people, killed five policemen and wounded 13 others, until he took up a position in New Orleans Howard Johnson hotel holding responding officers at bay. In the high adrenaline charged incident, detectives returned fire using their short barreled revolvers. February 28, 1997 marked the North Hollywood shootout. Officers were severely under armed against two bank robbers wearing body armor.

Need for Realistic Training; Shooting Range Simulator Games

These incidents indicate what can happen if range training is not realistic and officers are not armed with the right equipment. Those who employ revolvers, need speed loaders. Currently many departments issue or allow officers to purchase their own rifles. In the North Hollywood incident, officers reported that buck shot fired from their shotguns bounced off the heavily armored criminals.

Most Police Officers Are Now Armed with a Sidearm, Shotgun, Less Than Lethal Weapon and a Rifle

Fast forward to the 21st century and we find that most police officers are armed with a sidearm, shotgun, less-than-lethal weapon and a rifle. If the officer has to engage someone with any of these weapons he needs to demonstrate that he trained with the weapons and is qualified to deploy them. Less than lethal includes both tasers, blunt weapons, chemical agents, i.e. pepper spray and shotgun projectiles like rubber pellets and bean bags. Because of the plethora of weapons available the police have to train and qualify in their deployment.

Shooting Range Firearm Training

Generally police ranges are located outdoors. This facilitates shotgun and rifle training as well as handgun. The 00 buck generally used by police departs have 8 to 9 .33 caliber pellets at about 12-1400 feet per second. Buckshot spreads with range when utilizing an improved bore choke, typical in police shotguns. Typically a 3 inch spread at 3 yards can open up to 22 inches at 20 yards. At 40 yards you’re lucky to put two pellets on a human sized target. Buffered hard plated shot will shoot tighter than pure lead non-buffered shot. Shot also tends to rise if using a bead front sight, as the barrel forms a higher angle while obtaining a shot picture and tends to shoot high.
But all of this is moot unless you learn it at a range. Police range techniques tend to ingrain the characteristics and proper tactical engagement procedure that are experience on the shooting range. One handed techniques with handguns are taught from 3 to 5 yards. At 7 yards or further two hand holds are favored. Handgun shots at 25 yards and a barricade rest is encouraged. Shotguns with buck shot are good out about 40 yards, if iffy. Background of the target needs to be evaluated as more pellets at longer range miss than hit. With slugs 50 to 80 yards is the max. Rifles are good out to about 300 yards. But if you don’t practice and evaluate each weapon’s characteristics you will not understand your weapons strengths, characteristics or limitations.

Law Enforcement Police Officer Training in Custom Shooting Ranges Made in the United States of America

The benefits and advantages of police firearms training is that you obtain this knowledge with practice and discipline. You improve proficiency and you understand your weapon. Avail yourself of every opportunity to train and improve your proficiency. Contact Shooting Range Industries to learn about obtaining your own custom shooting range for convenient training.

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