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Pistol Marksmanship Drills; Shooting Practice, Proper Sight Picture, Breathing Techniques & More

No matter if you have been shooting your whole life or if you are a newcomer to the sport you can always be better. You always want to do what you can to be better and increase your skills and ability. It is not something that you can master and never get better at. The reason is that each weapon has its own quirks and style. You also need to be able to adjust to the environment around you. The weather and other factors can have an effect on your marksmanship and that is why practice and tips are never something to stop. Most people realize that they can be more accurate and increase their overall marksmanship. There are things that you can do to make sure that you are not complacent and stagnant in your ability. Shooting Range Industries offers helpful tips to increase your marksmanship.

Practice Shooting to Improve

No one is able to be a perfect shot all the time. That is why no matter the level that you are at you want to keep the mindset that you can get better. This humble nature is what you need to give yourself the chance to be better. You want to always be looking for ways to increase your overall ability. It is also okay to listen to those around you and take in any tips that they may offer.

Proper Sight Picture

You want to make sure that you understand the sight picture that you are seeing and that it is lined up properly. A mistake that many people make is that they do not get the same sight picture each and every time they shoot. When you continue to change how you hold and where you look when you shoot the consistency will suffer. If you are shooting a rifle you want to practice a good cheek weld on your gun and ensure that it is the same each time. The better you can hone in your sight the better you will get.

Shooting Breathing Techniques

The interesting thing is that when you are born without learning anything you know how to breathe. This is a skill that comes naturally and you don’t have to do anything to coax your body into breathing. A mistake that many people make when trying to be a precision marksman is controlling their breathing. You have to work on when you should take the shot and avoid inhaling then shooting but also fully exhaling and taking the shot. You want to find that moment between breathes that comes naturally that is the most restful and quiet spot to take the shot.

Proper Trigger Pull

If you see that you are always hitting high on the target you might be slapping the trigger. This is a problem that means you are pulling the trigger fast and not getting through the excess first. The better option is to have a steady trigger pull and to practice with a pencil to try and pull it back smooth and steady without leaning either direction.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Law Enforcement, Military & Civilian Firearm Practice & Training

Shooting Range Industries designs and builds custom shooting ranges that will help with your overall practice to increase your marksmanship.