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President Elect Donald Trump Stance on Gun Control; How Will the Election Results Affect the Concealed Carry & the Gun & Shooting Industry?

With the possibility of the Trump administration passing a national concealed carry reciprocity act, a permit holder will be able to carry, crossing many state boundaries. Some states already have reciprocity agreements if the outside state permits requirements conform with the states own statutes. However, you may have some restrictions. States with a magazine capacity limit may still enforce the 10 round maximum. To avoid situations with the authorities is incumbent upon the armed individual to comport with local laws. Check before you travel.

What Gun Do You Open or Concealed Carry?

You obtained your concealed carry permit to provide personal protection. The mystical quantity called stopping power is one. Reliability and acceptable combat accuracy is also a consideration. Gun gurus have made recommendations based on personal preference and experience. We are not all equal, so personal preferences run the gamut of small to large frames and caliber. High magazine capacity down to two shot derringers, automatic or revolver, the list goes on.

Test Different Pistols at the Range to Help You Decide on a Concealed Carry Gun

Many indoor ranges will rent firearms. If this is a first time purchase and you are contemplative of gaining a concealed carry permit, test various weapons for comfort and fit. Can you manipulate the various functions such as loading and cocking? Do you feel comfortable and confident with the weapon in the hand? Small hands dictate a more diminutive frame for control. Most defense pundits would recommend a minimum of a 380 auto (9mm Kurtz in German) to the tried and true 45 auto. In reality the 9mm or 40 caliber weapons with 10 round magazines should serve the purpose for most situations. But you want something you will carry every day. You don’t want to leave the gun home on the day you need it.

Cost of Different Handguns

The last consideration is cost. You need something reliable, in a caliber you are comfortable with and knowledge that if you are in the position to have the need to use your weapon, the police will confiscate it pending the investigation. In some jurisdictions your weapon may not be returned.

Concealed Weapons Permit Training

Training is a consideration for any person with a concealed carry permit. One of the points in police shootings is what is the nature, extent and qualifications required by the officers department. Private carry requires that you are intimately familiar with your weapon. Documented range time and weapon training will enhance your chances of receiving favorable treatment in any legal decision.

Will the Hearing Protection Act Pass? Return of the Suppressor AKA Silencer

Another interesting possibility is the return of the “suppressor” or popularly known as the silencer. Legislation referred to as the Hearing Protection Act, would remove the suppressors from the National Firearms Act (NFA). This would make it legal to use suppressors for shooting small game or pest control near urban areas. No suppressor is totally “silent” but significant reductions of noise are possible.

Long Range Shooting

There appears to be a resurgence of organized shooting competition and many involving youth programs. These programs stress safety and competence in firearms handling. Many of these sports include long range shooting. This long range sport shooting, up to 1,000 yards requires precision equipment and is very demanding. Competition requires a lot of practice, meaning range time, and consumes prodigious quantities of ammunition driving the reloading industry.

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