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Process to Buy a Handgun; Waiting Period, Legal Age, Forms of ID Needed & More to Purchase a Firearm

When it comes to buying a gun there are some people out there that think there are no restrictions or that they are too lenient. Everyone is allowed an opinion on the matter but there are rules about who can get a gun and when they can get one. When it comes to buying a gun most people want to get one to use for personal use. It might be to protect themselves and their family. Others like to have guns to use for hunting or for sport. If you have never purchased a gun you may not realize that there are stipulations on the purchase. It is a good idea to know what the rules are in the state that you live in. They can be different from state to state but there are some that are fairly general to get you started. Shooting Range Industries outlines what you need to know about the waiting period when buying a handgun.

Legal Age to Purchase a Firearm

When it comes to buying a handgun there are rules about the age that you have to be in order to purchase a handgun. The first thing you need to know is that you have to be 21 years of age to be the person that is buying the gun. If you try to go in and purchase a handgun before that age you will be turned away.

Forms of ID for Gun Purchase

When you go to purchase a handgun you have to have proof of who you are. They are going to want to see your Department Of Motor Vehicles identification card that has not been expired. You need to have a current ID which can be your driver’s license. They want to take the information on your card as a way to run your background.

Background Check to Buy a Gun

You also want to make sure that you know that they are going to do a background check on you. You will go in and have to fill out paperwork with your information so that they can run a background check on you. This is to look for any inconsistencies or for reasons that you are not to own a handgun. If you are a felon you are not allowed to buy a gun. They also can use their own limits as to who they sell the gun to.

Waiting Period on Firearm Purchases

When you go to purchase a handgun and you have never done it before you should know that you will not be walking out with it that day. There is a waiting period that you will be required to abide by. You go in and fill out your paperwork, pay for your weapon and head on home. They will call you in five days to come back down and pick up the handgun. This is a way to prevent someone from trying to buy a handgun out of anger and wanting to use it.

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