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Proper Gun & Shooting Range Rules, Requirements & Etiquette

Purchasing your first firearm can be fun and exciting; taking it to the shooting range for the first time is always an event that is looked forward to. When used appropriately, guns can be a fun recreational activity that with regular practice can help sharpen your skills as a shooter and teach you the ins and outs of your gun. Feeling comfortable with your firearm also means that you are taking every precaution when it comes to gun safety. If you are heading to the shooting range for the first time, there are a few tips you should consider to avoid looking like a rookie.

Shooting Range Industries has prepared the following shooting range etiquette tips:

Face Firearm Forward

One of the most important tips to consider when going to the shooting range for the first time is always make sure you have your firearm facing forward. If you want to freak everyone out at the range, turn around with your gun pointing in all directions. This is a sure way to embarrass yourself and possibly be asked to leave. Remember that a gun should be treated like it is always loaded; only point the barrel of your firearm towards the appropriate target you have been assigned to at the shooting range.

Keep Firearm Safety On

Another important step to consider when at the shooting range is to always keep your firearms safety on unless you are firing the gun. It is even a great idea to lock the action open or remove the bolt. Lay your firearm with the action facing up so everyone can visibly see from a distance that it is unloaded and safe. When the Shooting Range Officer signals a cease fire, immediately place your firearm on the table in front of you and empty the ammunition. Step away from your gun and do not play with other items in your bag or near your gun. Walking away from your gun during a cease fire will show your fellow range attendees that you are a safe and responsible shooter.

Follow Rules of the Shooting Range

Never pick up a gun and point it downrange while other shooters are placing their targets, this is extremely rude and irresponsible. Everyone at the range is held responsible for the general safety of others. Follow the shooting range rules strictly to avoid any danger to others and embarrassment to yourself. Be sure to always wear proper ear protection. Some guns are louder than others and without protective covering; your eardrums can be damaged. If you do not feel comfortable going to the range, it is always best to ask questions, the range officials are there to help you learn and become comfortable with your firearm. Contact Shooting Range Industries for any questions you have regarding proper gun range etiquette.

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