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Range Necessities; Multi-Tool, Gun Cleaning Kits, Safety Gear, Shooting Timers, Speed Loaders, Magazines, Ammo & More

At the range or in the field, the need may arise for field repair or maintenance. A good multi-tool is a necessity. Real Avid manufacture two tools that appear to cover most needs, The Gun Tool Pro and the Gun Tool Pro for Modern Sporting Rifles. It is a portable, pocket able tool box with 30 functions. The Rifle tool appears to be the most comprehensive. Real Avid has a Handgun tool as well that includes Allen keys and a bushing wrench. The Rifle and Handgun tools would cover just about every contingency encountered at the range or in the field. Leatherman has their MUT tool a great field tool and a good EDC (every day carry) for law enforcement. It includes a safe flex-cuff cutter as well and enough tools for field maintenance. Every tool in the MUT is accessible using only one hand. With an included knife and needle nose pliers it could cover most field and range contingencies. It is a 16 tool toolbox in your pocket. There are others, like the Glock pin punch disassembly tool and a good bushing wrench for you favorite 1911 is handy as well. Find something that works for you, but have something handy. Depending on your weapon, a sight tool may have some utility as well.

Best Universal Gun Cleaning Kits

Depending on your range activities you will need a good universal cleaning kit. Something similar to the Hiltex Universal Gun Cleaning Kit should suffice. Hoppe’s #9 bore solvent has a strong following and has been around for over a half century. Some sort of oil is included to cover nearly all field maintenance requirements. Gun maintenance is dependent of persons preference, so pick your own poison. A kit, bore snake for shotguns, lubricant and cleaner. These items are available in plastic, sealable bottles. Avoid spray cans, especially if it’s hot. They won’t blow up but they do pop seals making a real mess. Many gun maintenance aerosols can neutralize primers. Never spray your ammunition.

Safety Equipment List

A good pair of shooting glasses, perhaps two. One pair in yellow for improving contrast in overcast or low light conditions and a smoke gray for high sun protection. Polycarbonate lens will provide reasonable eye protection. Second is hearing. Firearms produce high noise levels in the ear damaging decibel range. At minimum foam earplugs should be used or a headset. Electronic headsets are nice as they attenuate high decibel damaging sound but still allow conversation and hearing shooting commands during competition.

Shooting Timers

Shooting timers provide a means to time various drills that can improve shooting skills and provide an enjoyable challenging range experience. You set the challenge; the timer reports your performance. For the serious handgun enthusiast a timer is a must have. Shooting speed groups, reloading drills and a plethora of other drills can dramatically improve shooting skills.

Other Shooting Range Equipment; Spotting Scope, Tape, Shooting Books & More

On the outdoor range you need a spotting scope, a stapler for hanging targets and if shooting for groups and inexpensive caliper for measuring them. A roll of gaffer or duct tape and maybe a range finder will round out the kit. Most competitive shooters and snipers have some sort of book to record their performance. Shooting books are available and are quite good at documenting loads, weapon performance and shooter improvements. Some sort of note book and writing implement is a must, if you’re serious about shooting. And for the true dedicated gadget geek engaging in long range shooting, something like the Kestrel hand held weather meter for doping the wind, gauging temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. All of this aids the 600 to 1,000 yard bench rest shooter.

Speed Loaders, Magazines & Ammo

Speed loaders, magazines and ammo round out the requirements. Ammo like American Eagle or CCI Blazer are good, reliable budget rounds ideal for practice. Save your duty or carry ammo, its too pricey to practice with. If you’re a reloader roll your own practice ammo, full metal jacket or even cast rounds can stretch the shooting budget. However, there are continuing prohibitions on lead or lead containing projectiles, check your range rules.

Shooting Range Bag

Last but not least, a range bag, again a personal choice and if carrying long guns a rifle bag or case. Throw in a bottle of water and a couple of granola bars and your good to go. Depending on your shooting goals and gear two bags maybe needed. Bench rest shooting is gear intensive, bench rest, spotting scope, bench reloading gear, lots of goodies, some utilize a rolling cart of some kind, depending on practice or competition. You want to include a small personal first aid kit as well.

Custom Shooting Ranges, Equipment & Accessories Designed & Built in Las Vegas, NV & Shipped Worldwide

Most of us who like shooting also have a gadget and tool fetish as well, so any argument for a new gun or gadget will provide traction when planning your next purchase. Careful, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the accumulation the three “g’s”, gear, gadgets and guns. Now you are going to want to practice these three g’s and what better place than a custom shooting range designed and manufactured by Shooting Range Industries. Contact us to learn more today!

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