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Range Safety Officer Job Duties; Teach Safe Firearm Handling, Assist when a Gun Misfires & More

No matter what your profession is or which shooting range you visit, there are a number of people that facilitate the range to ensure it is a safe and organized environment. Among the major positions is range safety officer. This person, often referred to as the RSO is to ensure people have an enjoyable experience; but they have a great responsibility too. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to discuss the basic duties of the range safety officer, or the RSO.

Job of a Range Safety Officer

In charge of supervised shooting in the range to ensure the safety of others is the primary purpose of the range safety officer. They will also monitor the condition continually on the range to make sure the facility is well maintained in optimal operation and shooters are comfortable and safe in their environment. Though they are not law enforcement they do always have the authority to address any situations they feel are unsafe.

RSOs Can Assist when a Gun Misfires & Other Firearm & Ammo Malfunctions

The RSO does not normally provide individual instruction, but most do educate customers on the policies that promote a safe environment, where the same rules and techniques are applicable on all shooting ranges. In addition to providing safety, the range safety officers are specially trained to assist with various firearm and ammo malfunctions, such as a double feed, squib load, hangfire, and so on. They alleviate customer frustration when needed with their technical expertise being especially helpful. They enforce important rules such as confirm that customers don’t use prohibited ammo that may damage the range for example. Whenever you have questions, they are an excellent resource to give you answers.

RSOs Teach Safe Gun Handling

With gun safety knowledge, shooter’s confidence will build. Range Safety Officers continually reinforce the four Fundamentals for Safe Firearm Handling as one of their most important concerns.
1) Until sights are on target, NEVER put your finger on the trigger.
2) Always know what your target is and what is beyond it.
3) Treat your firearm as if it is loaded at ALL times.
4) Keep the point your firearm in a safe direction down range.
These four rules should always be applied no matter if you have been handling firearms for years or never fired one in your life. We believe anyone can become more confident and comfortable around firearms once you fully understand the fundamentals and continue to follow them every time you hit the range.

NRA Range Safety Officer Study

Range Safety Officers training is taken seriously, the testing is done through the NRA (National Rifle Association) course materials and content for the official position. They know their important responsibilities inside and out by the time they qualify with in the class formal education and on-range training. Though the role of the Range Safety Officers is taken very serious and they have authority to enforce the rules, they will often maintain a friendlier atmosphere to keep everyone enjoying their time on the range in a safe atmosphere. If you ever have any issues or questions, they are the ones you should to talk to.

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