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Range Safety Officer (RSO) Duties; Enforce Rules, Teach & Help Shooters with Jammed Guns & Much More

When you go to the range to shoot you are there to have a good time, practice your craft and/or to learn something new. There are many types of people that attend a range and they all have different skill levels. There are the professionals such as law enforcement or hunters all the way down to the newbies that are there for the first time. You want to make sure that while there are people on the range it is a safe environment for all that are there. The safety of the range does of course start with the actual structure of the range. You want to be sure that the range is properly built and has the right equipment on board to have a safe time. The other thing is that you need to have staff there that can run the actual range when it is being used. This is the job of the RSO or the Range Safety Officer. They have an important job to do. Shooting Range Industries explains what a range safety officer does at the range.

Range Safety Officer is a Teacher

The first thing that a Range Safety Officer is there to do is to teach the users about the rules of the range. They need to be able to communicate the importance of the safety and use of the range to each of the groups or people that arrive. Many ranges have rules that are the same while there are some that will differ from one to the next. That is why there is an RSO so that they can let all the patrons know what is expected of them. This can be anything to where to aim your weapon to when you need to clear the lane and stand off the shooting line. The more they can communicate the less problems they tend to have when they start to have the range open. They also are there to ask questions for anyone that needs more clarification on rules and usage.

Other Range Safety Officer Jobs

The other job that the RSO has when it comes to the range is that they need to be ready to react. There are lots of things that can go wrong at the range and the range safety officer is someone that needs to have the knowledge on how to make some quick judgments about what is needed in terms of help. They may have a person that has a gun that is jammed and needs the help of the RSO to clear it out. There also could be an issue with someone that has a malfunction with the gun that they might need to have it taken apart and the RSO can help. The other aspect of the RSO is to know when there are people that are not using the range properly. The majority of the time these issues are just because there are people that are not sure they are making this mistake.

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