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Range Safety Rules & Etiquette; Never Use Custom Ammunition at Gun Range & More

Shooting ranges are essential for law enforcement, military, as well as civilians to enhance their shooting skill to practice proper safety and handling and ensure they can hit their target. People with poor firearm handling skills are problematic which is why visiting the range is encouraged. However, there are many rules to follow while visiting the range and some unspoken rules that should be followed. Shooting Range Industries will share some of the top mistake made at the shooting range to encourage proper fire arm training and practice.

Know and Follow All Gun Range Safety Rules

All ranges will vary on what rules the enforce at their ranges. And it may be hard to remember each rule. Especially if you visit multiple ranges, you should make it your priority to know and follow all of the rules of the range. Make sure to follow the range specific rules but always remember these universal rules.
• Always get your muzzle pointing down range.
• Always keep the safety on during transfer and unloaded.
• Always stand behind the designated firing line unless cleared to pass.
• Before loading or firing make sure the range is clear and the range office gave the permission to fire.

Never Use Custom Ammunition at the Firing Range

Never use a custom or self reloaded ammunition at a range. Custom ammunition can be dangerous leading to serious injury. Additionally ranges are design to safety handle various caliber in their bullet trap system. The bullet trap are design for certain caliber and the manufactured grain (gun powder) of the various ammunition types. Use a custom ammunition especially those that exceed manufactured grain can cause damages to the range and potential injuries.

Picking Up Brass at the Range

It is a standard rule of thumb that you should always pickup the brass (the casings) of your expended rounds. It is a courtesy to clean up your stall and the expend brass for the next visitor. The casings can cause people to slip which is dangerous with a loaded gun. Only if request to leave the range immediately do to an emergency should you ever leave you brass behind.

Don’t Shoot Holding Gun Sideways

Hold a pistol with a sideways grip usually only done by amateurs with little training. That sideways grip that done in movies don’t provide enough grip control. The muzzle when a round is fired will pull upwards. If you have a sideways grip which give poor grip control the muzzle will snap up and the round will travel off target and into the next stall. That sideways grip can even cause wrist injuries such as a wrist sprain. Avoid yourself a lot of trouble can avoid the sideways grip, consider seek basic firearm training classes that covers basic stances and grips.

Use Range Protective Gear

When visiting the range never ever forget your protective range gear such as eye and ear protection. Both are essential and can prevent longer term damage that can occur in a single shooting range visit. Make sure to use quality protective gear every time you visit the range.

Custom Shooting Range Design & Manufacturer for Practice & Training

Shooting Range Industries encourages proper and safe range practice. For quality law enforcement and military shooting range designs and builds, contact Shooting Range Industries.

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