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Real Life Star Wars Guns; A280 Blaster Rifle Modeled After StG 44, Leia’s SC X-30 & More

Star Wars is a franchise that has been a staple of movie goers for almost four decades. The movies are watched over and over, people dress up and quote the characters. Star Wars is more than just a movie and there are those super fans that know everything about them. One thing you may not have known is that the guns that are used in the movies are actually modeled after real weapons. The guns are obviously not the real thing and some changes are made to make them futuristic but they started grounded in reality.

Shooting Range Industries Explains What Some of The Star Wars Guns Were Modeled After in the Movies

Blastech Series A280, A280C, A295 | StG 44 : The rebel forces in the Star Wars movies could be seen carrying any of these Blastechs. They are a small arms blaster weapon that has many of the features that are found in modern day assault rifles. The rebel forces carried these weapons that were actually modeled after the StG 44. It was a magazine fed select fire weapon that made some major advancements in its particular category. The interesting thing about it is that many of the guns that were used in the Star Wars movies were the actual weapon made to look futuristic. The difference is that with the StG 44 they were harder to come by and that meant that when you see one of these in the movie it is actually a cast made from a replica. No actual parts were available for the movies props.
Blastech E-11 & D17 | Sterling SMG: Many of the troopers that were seen fighting on both sides of the cause can be seen with these very iconic blasters. The E-11 was found in the hands of the imperial guards and the D-17 was the smaller pistol version that is most known for being carried and used by Princess Leia’s rebel guard. They were modeled after a weapon called the Sterling SMG. The Sterling is a submachine gun and even though they are seen most often they are not a very accurate shot. The Sterling has some interesting features that made it a great option for one of the most commonly used Star Wars blasters.
Sorosuub Corporation X-30 | Vostok Margolin: This is the weapon that can be seen being carried and used by Princess Leia herself. Otherwise called the SC X-30 is a well known weapon and one of the most iconic handguns used in the movie. The gun was actually modeled after Vostok Margolin that is actually a .22 long rifle pistol. There is not a lot of flare with this gun which made it a perfect fit for the Princess to carry as her service weapon.

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If you are looking at the weapons that are found in the Star Wars movies they are all most likely modeled after a particular weapon. There are many that are not a gun but other kind of weapon such as Chewy’s bowcaster. Shooting Range Industries offers custom shooting ranges for your own use to test and fire your Star Wars inspired and other guns! Contact us to learn more today.

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