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Realistic Firearms Training for Deadly Force Situations, How Police Officers Are Trained to Shoot & More

How many of those who chose to conceal carry ever follow-up after qualifications? After all you carry to protect you and yours in a deadly force situation. Probably very few follow up with additional training. Time and ammo expense are the most cited reasons for lack of range time.

How Are Police Officers Trained to Shoot?

If you ever have the misfortune to resort to your firearm in a deadly force situation you have to remember you are responsible for every round you fire; both hits and misses. Law enforcement spends a lot of time and expense to train their officers in deadly force use and confrontation. Statically few officer are ever involved in altercations involving firearms.

Annual Shotgun & Rifle Training

So why train for something that may never happen for the majority? Simply stated training contributes to survival and can reduce liability. On review of a deadly force situation, training records are submitted to show compliance with department standards. Department standards are then compared to accepted national standards. A pass indicates that the officer and Department have complied and qualified according to standards. Most departments have biannual qualification requirement, with other range time for training, given a quarterly training cycle. Shotgun and rifle usually are annual requirements. In fact shotgun training is usually classified as familiarization rather the qualification.

Realistic Firearms Training at the Shooting Range

When involved in a shooting situations physiological response and capabilities are degraded, as well as higher cognizant functions, and because of this the officer reverts to training. If the training is realistic, covering basic practices as cover or concealment, aiming to center mass, and maintaining an awareness of the area, to ensure confrontation is limited to only one assailant or avoiding hitting others, survival is likely if not assured.
The shooter, rather an officer or private carry, will be held responsible for any misses that strike a bystander. The only way to prepare is through practice. Dry fire, reloading drills and range time will benefit the officer and concealed carry citizen when responding to such incidents. The more time on the range and the more realistic the training the more likely the individual will survive, physically and legally. With the loss of higher coordination functions, tunnel vision and other physiological responses to danger, training is the only remedy to overcoming these disabilities. Military, police and the armed individual will, not maybe, but will revert to training in response to the perceived danger. If not trained, will you revert to “nothing” becoming a deceased statistic. When armed you have responsibility to yourself and those around you.

Firearm Training Requirements at Shooting Ranges

Consistent, frequent and realistic training will help ensure survival and a positive review of your actions. Ammo is pricey and time precious, but if you carry you owe to yourself to be proficient. Attending outdoor or indoor range, investing 25-50 rounds monthly will reinforce skills. Out plinking or recreational shooting, try to envision a scenario and respond accordingly. Without buildings or other realistic training facilities use Airsoft weapons similar to your carry choice and practice indoors. A word about indoor defense, walls are essentially hollow, a bullet can carry the entire length of a home, passing through walls. Door jams by their nature provide additional material, but bullets can penetrate through the wooden studs, not as far as passing through drywall, but they can penetrate. So what is the solution to indoor training?

Custom Designed & Built Shooting Ranges with Stalls, Bullet Traps, Ceiling Guards, Target Retrieval & More

Shooting Range Industries offers custom shooting ranges with stalls and ceiling guards. In addition, our custom ranges feature bullet traps and target retrieval to eliminate bullets passing through walls and door jams etc.

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