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Realistic Live Fire Video Simulation Weapons Training for Law Enforcement Personnel; Allows Practice Shooting at Moving Targets & Different Video Outcomes

Training your employees can be an expensive proposition; and one of the biggest challenges faced by law enforcement personnel is to provide concise high quality training while dealing with budget limitations and restraints. It is vital to the welfare of law enforcement departments that public safety personnel can learn and practice the skills necessary to be successful in a safe environment. One of the biggest concessions made in law enforcement is to focus on the departments’ bottom line essentially turning training into nothing more than a series of certifications. While quality training of personnel may be difficult to come by, it is not impossible and help is at hand.

Simulation Fire-Fight Law Enforcement Training

The experts at Shooting Range Industries are a leading pioneer in simulation training. This hand’s on style of training is one of the fastest growing methods of law enforcement and military training available providing a realistic video approach to fire-fight training scenarios for police officers and security personnel around the world. Simulation training uses custom built portable modular shooting ranges that allow personnel participating to shoot real bullets at computer generated simulated moving human targets through a ballistic screen into a bullet catch.

Practice Shooting at Moving Targets

The knowledgeable technicians at Shooting Range Industries simulate different scenarios and situations that occur in the real world while participants use the same familiar weapons used out in the field, with the same sights, smells and recoil. A wide selection of software is available based on the requirements of the different users. For example, a course that is designed for law enforcement to prepare officers to shoot at moving targets can be set to different speeds, weather conditions and distances.

Realistic Video Training Simulation

The variety of options is unlimited and provides a staged approach to training which in turn allows each individual to progress at their own speed and prepares them to operate a firearm in high stress situations. Video based training is one of the most realistic training systems available in today’s market and is set for real-time video capture. The beauty of the video is the fact that it allows for several possible outcomes that branch off from the original scene. While a more conventional form of training teaches accuracy, full simulation teaches speed, target identification, and the ability to think quickly and handle high levels of stress.

Some additional benefits of Live Fire Simulation Training include:

Learn by Physical Training Participation: Statistics indicate that students retain about 5% of the information they hear in a lecture environment, approximately 10% of what they read in books, and 20% of what they see and hear in visual presentations. Simulation programs allow for hands on practice and learning retention rises to 75%. A higher level of participation also gives participants an increased level of confidence which in turn leads to a much lower level of personnel turnover.
Allows for error without risk: With complex simulation based training, law enforcement personnel has the ability to complete a series of tasks set in high risk situations that will leave them feeling fully confident in their execution. All of these goals are achieved without any risk of collateral damage or injury. A higher level of quality training helps keep law enforcement safe decreasing the risk of on the job injury or death.

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